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Some time ago, corn was for 25 cents each at Walmart one day, so I bought aplenty.  When I was husking all the corn one weekend, removing its silk, breaking the corn into half, then carefully slicing the knife down to remove its kernels…Alok came by, saw what I was doing, and...

Alok: What are you doing?
Me: Playing football.  You want to join?
Alok: Why are you wasting your time?
Me: Because I want to use up all the corn.
Alok: What are you going to do with it?
Me: I will freeze it.
Alok: What’s the point of buying fresh ones then?
Me: Because I love to freeze fresh stuff.
Alok: The amount of energy you are spending, you can just buy a pack of frozen corn, you know right?
Me: I like doing things at home.
Alok: If you like it so much why don’t you grow a corn tree and keep removing corn every day...
Me: *facepalm*

I know his argument was sensible (until he mentioned 'corn tree', of course).  But I also understood his irritation – he’d hate to see me waste my energy if an easier option is available.  But I can’t help trying things at home, at least once.  Just once.  Just to test how it turns out.  Something only someone like me can understand.

fresh corn kernels
But yes, I have not frozen corn kernels again ever since.  Buying packet of frozen corn kernels and green peas IS easier.  But for those of you who'd like to test freezing corn just once like me...

How to freeze corn kernels at home
Use as many fresh corn kernels as you can, then freeze them than spoiling and having to throw away.  This is actually the basic method of freezing many vegetables:
how to freeze corn kernels - same method to freeze broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, carrot, etc
1.  Boil a pot of water, enough to immerse all your corn kernels in.  Once the water comes to a boil, add in all the corn kernels.  Let “blanch” for 1-2 minutes, and don’t “boil” the corn.
2.  Transfer into a colander and let the water drain.
3.  Have a pot or bowl of cold water with lots of ice ready.  Put all the corn into it and give it an ice bath.  This stops the cooking process.
4.  Drain all the water out.  I use a small tray from an old damaged toaster oven and keep a piece of wax paper on it in the freezer at all times for freezing anything.  Spread out the corn kernels over wax paper and freeze.  When frozen, transfer to Ziploc bag, name it, date it, and use it.

As for the rest of the corn:

Grilled corn
This metal mesh is very useful for an electric stove top like mine – I use it to roast papad, I roast brinjal over it to make baingan ka bharta, I use it as a rack to keep my warm baked goods, and to grill corn.  If you have a gas stove top, you can directly roast corn over the flame.  Try not to remove the stem from the corn, it helps in turning it around for even roasting as well as holding it while eating. 
grilled corn with salt and lemon . . . nom nom nom
Once evenly grilled on all sides, take a wedge of lemon, dip it over some salt, place the wedge over your grilled corn, press it and start rubbing all around it, and munch on it while it is warm.  This Indian style of roasting corn and applying salt and lemon is so common on the street side stalls in India when corn is in season.  A little salty, a little sour grilled corn.  Lip-smacking.

Boiled corn (corn on the cob)
Husk the corn, cut it into two pieces.  Add water in a pressure cooker, add salt and some sugar.  Drop the corn pieces.  Pressure cooker on medium heat for 1 whistle.  Or you can boil water in a pan, drop the corn, close the lid, and boil until corn kernels are tender.  A little salty, a little sweet boiled corn.  Yum.

Your challenge: would you still freeze something at home if buying the same from store is easier, cheaper, and requires less effort?
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  1. No I wouldnt try to freeze anything if I get it cheaper in the market and more convenient ofcourse.I freeze to avoid spoilage but mostly we buy only a weeks worth of veggies unless I am expecting a busy time ahead.
    And Nisha, I tried out your tip on baking the cake mix. It came out well, but too sweet for my taste, guess i have to try out a from the scratch recipe.

    Corn trees !! Seriously? Ha Ha. I also like trying things out atleast once, otherwise how will we know whether we can do it or not...

    Your metal rack looks nice and strong. I usually find something only with concentric circles here.

  2. I buy tinned corn kernels and I use it for salad or masala corn chat. It is cheaper.
    I freeze the following things:
    * ginger as small chunks. When I need, I 'll just take it out and grate it. It will just come out like powder while grating.
    *grated coconut.
    *tomato puree and berries(as per your ideas)

  3. Your conversation with your hubby is very very funny.We were laughing over it.Keep posting such funny moments.

  4. thanks for the idea of using metal mesh for grilling corn.It was easy n my husband was so happy with the surprise evening snack


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