Whole Wheat Eggless Banana and Walnut Muffins | Eggless Baking

I wish bananas lasted as long as apples did.  But they don't.  They insist on ripening, darkening, and mushy-ing faster than they should.  Several times I threw the very ripe bananas that were browned on the outside and too pulpy on the inside to consume.  Then I learned a little late that the ripe, soft bananas are perfect for making Banana Walnut Muffins.
Spusht | Banana Muffins with Walnuts | Muffin Recipes
Banana Muffins with Walnuts | Muffin Recipes

failed attempt: paneer bhurji - what to do?

I have not bought paneer from the store in a long time.  I make paneer at home and prefer so too.  But there are times when in a rush, despite the number of times I have made paneer in last few years, I blow it.

This time I had put the fresh paneer under a heavy container in order to use it for Paneer Bhurji.  We both love it and especially when I buy colorful bell peppers, I love making a colorful Paneer Bhurji.

spusht | paneer too soft for paneer bhurji - what to do now?

Poha: Spiced Flattened Rice | Healthy Indian Vegetarian Breakfast Idea

I rarely wake up early enough to cook breakfast.  So it is mostly milk and cereals for Alok and chocolate milk or Ginger-Cardamom Chai with biscuits for me.  But some day if he gets lucky, he gets a breakfast  may be poha, upma, or pancakes, or stuffed paratha.  I wonder when I would get lucky to eat breakfast prepared by him.  Never, perhaps.  But while I keep my hopes high, allow me to share this poha recipe with you. 
spusht | vegetarian breakfast poha
healthy indian vegetarian breakfast poha

Eggless Vanilla Pudding with Various Toppings | Easy Dessert Recipe

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I depend on an eggless vanilla pudding or eggless chocolate pudding to save the day when I have to prepare dessert for dinner – either for ourselves or dinner party. 
Spusht | Eggless vanilla pudding with various toppings
Eggless vanilla pudding with various fresh berry sauce toppings

Aloo Paratha Recipe | Potatoes & Peas Stuffed Paratha

If you have read up the posts here on blog so far, you must have understood how I like 2-in-1 use of things.  Such as, I have told you how you could use the same stuffing recipe of this Moong Dal Paratha to make Moong Dal Kachori.

I have shown how using the same recipe of Eggless Chocolate Cookies you can replace cocoa powder with desiccated coconut and make Eggless Coconut Cookies.

And I have also given you examples on how you can use Almond & Pistachio Rabdi in not just 2, 3, or 4 but more than 7 ways.
Spusht | Potato and Peas Stuffed Paratha
Potato and Peas Stuffed Paratha
Similarly, here's a 2-in-1 advantage of making this aloo-matar paratha.  The secret?

Eggless Chocolate Pudding Recipe | No Bake No Gelatin No Egg

Usually in a plain vanilla cake recipe, when you substitute a certain amount of flour with cocoa powder – you basically get a chocolate cake recipe.  In this pudding, however, we will not substitute but we will add cocoa powder or melted chocolate to our basic vanilla pudding in order to get chocolate pudding.
Spusht | Eggless Chocolate Pudding using Cornstarch
Eggless Chocolate Pudding using Cornstarch
After having made this eggless chocolate pudding recipe plenty of times, I must tell you this has become my favorite make ahead party dessert.