“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
~ Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) American statesman, scientist and philosopher

Some popular blogs are about cooking, some famous ones are about crafts and DIY projects, whereas some people with expertise in photography or make-up have a lot to talk about.  Some have great book/movie reviews to share, some share knowledge about gadgets, and thousands of other blogs & websites have almost everything covered under the sun!

When I asked myself whether I have anything to contribute on the WWW, I accepted I had interest and experience in several fields but was an expert in none; with wide range of hobbies and passions, but not a specialist in any.

I realized I could not focus on any particular area or topic to write about, so here I am, just wanting to share anything that I learn, find useful, or is worth sharing. All in a very simple, clear, and straightforward manner – and that's what "spusht" means in Sanskrit language. 

If you want to read more: why do i blog?

I was born in India, brought up in Thailand, and am now residing in Texas California with my husband, Alok.  After Bachelors in Telecommunications Engineering and an MBA in Marketing, I am now a homemaker.

With various interests ranging from dance, photography, arts, crafts, reading, internet-surfing, event management, shopping, and many more, it took me 27 years to discover my ultimate passion: cooking.

I am inspired by many personalities, blessed with wonderful family and friends, influenced by several cultures, and injected with a straightforward-hyperenergetic-carefree attitude. 

Each post shares something more about me and my life, so if you are really interested in knowing me better, you will probably have to go through all of them, hah.  For now, thank you for coming here and reading all the way. I hope the time you spend on my blog proves to be worthwhile.  Thank you for stopping by!


Posting Frequency
I usually post once or twice a week here on Spusht, and about once a day on my other blog SpushtChats.  You can subscribe for free to receive updates sent to your email when new posts get published.  I am more active on Facebook than updating this blog with new posts, so come join me there.

Blog Policy
It takes me about...
4 hours to plan, prepare, cook, photograph food, and do the dishes; 
3 days to edit the pictures and complete writing a blog post;
2 times the amount of time a professional photographer or more experienced blogger takes;  
1 major headache if photos and text that belong to me from my blog (unless otherwise noted) are copied without permission, without back link, and without credit; and
0 seconds to remove any spam message or a rude comment toward me, my blog, or my readers/commenters. 

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