make your own cake board - easy, quick, cheap, yet presentable

Just thought of sharing a simple how-to: to make your own cake board at home.  These pictures are from February 2012.  When I baked a cake for a couple that was moving to another place, I wondered how I would take it for them that evening.  I did not want to carry it on a plate and cause extra work for them to rinse and send the next day.  I did not have a cake box, a cake carrier, and had no intentions of investing in one ... so I came up with cake board that will also be easily disposable.

Spusht | How to make an effortless, cheap, simple, and quick cake board
effortless, cheap, simple, and quick cake board
With a quick search if this is a common thing to do, I see that making cake board on your own is not a novel idea, many have known and done this before.  Anyway, here is what I did:

1.  If you have a carton, stiff card board, or even a thick cereal box - trace 1 cm larger than the shape of your cake over the flat card board.  Cut.

2.  Place the card board over a crisp piece of aluminum foil.  Cut foil 1 inch larger than the card board on all sides.

3.  Tightly but gently press down foil from around the card board and stick foil to the board with some glue or scotch tape.

4.  Flip it.  Your shiny cake board is ready to use.

Spusht | make your cake board at home
make your cake board
When icing the cake - I placed the cake over this cakeboard, put strips of parchment paper underneath the cake on all sides, and applied the frosting right over the cake.  Removed the strips, and the cake along with the cake board was ready to go.

A quick note - if you use cereal box, make sure you flatten the box and cut both sides simultaneously, or use 2-3 cereal boxes to make the base thicker, otherwise a thin cake board will not support your cake well.
make cake board at home
cake board makes a cake easy to carry as well as presentable
The next time you bake a cake and take it for someone, make a cake board real quick for a better presentation.  OR ... if you are into food photography - before you click pictures of your cake, you can make a cake board in a jiffy and use it as a prop!

Because making a cake board is a piece of cake, ain't it?

Your challenge: what was one crafty thing you once made at the last minute and feel proud about your quick wit?
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  1. Nice tutorial. will try it next time

  2. I often cut a carton and cover it with aluminium foil to use as a cake board , especially for larger cakes. I don't feel like shelling out extra bucks for larger cake boards which would be thrown out after one use.

    1. That's great. And yes, I totally agree with you.


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