Singhare (Water Chestnut) ki Poori and Arbi (Taro Root Vegetable) ki Sabzi Recipe

After my marriage I was at my in-laws’ place for a month before coming to US.  During my stay there was some festival or some religious fasting day that occurred, I cannot recall which one.  But I very clearly remember when my mother-in-law prepared Singhare ki Poori and Arbi ki Sabzi for lunch that day and served me, after asking for two servings I was so embarrassed to ask for more even though my tongue and tummy screamed for more.  It was the first time I was eating those dishes, that combination, and it became my instant favorite.

Simple Chocolate Bark Recipe

Here's another recipe without quantities that I will share today.  Because let's face it - just how many teaspoons and tablespoons and cup measurements in different recipes can you remember?  But a basic idea - you will always remember whether or not you have the tools to measure.

Here's a simple recipe to make Chocolate Bark in which once you understand how to melt the chocolate the correct way - adding flavors or nut toppings or all other variations are absolutely up to you.

food photography: from my perspective - by a beginner, for a beginner - part 5

When I shared a few of my behind-the-scenes pictures along with explanations on my Facebook Page, I was pleasantly surprised to see that a lot of people are interested to learn some food photography tips.  So here's another behind-the-scenes food photography post along with my comments on the thought process that went behind it, why I added what I did, some tips and tricks, and simple food photography from my perspective.

This is one heavy photo-loaded post.

Tilli Phalli ke Karele Recipe | Bitter Gourd in Sesame and Peanut Gravy Recipe

My mother-in-law makes very good karele (bitter gourd) ki sabzi, in both dry and gravy form.  This recipe of karele ki sabzi made in a delicious sesame and peanut gravy made by her tastes great and you can’t even tell any bitterness of the bitter gourd.  (Boohoo, bitter gourd!)

Gond ke Laddoo Recipe | Edible Gum Laddu

Gond is called edible gum in English. Gond provides heat to the body, so food items (for example, laddoo, panjiri, chikki, etc) made with gond are great to eat during winters.  The heat in gond is said to help lactating mothers produce more milk, so gond ke laddoo made with other nutritious ingredients are excellent for new mothers after delivery.

Ker Sangri Sabzi Recipe | Rajasthani Cuisine

Ker Sangri ki sabzi is a very popular dish from Rajasthan.  Ker (the small balls) are the sour berries and Sangri (the sticks) are the beans.  These unique variety of berries and beans grow on trees in places as dry as Rajasthan.  The green ker berries and sangri beans are dried until they shrink and turn a dark brown, almost black color.

Spicy Ker Sangri Sabzi Recipe