Food Ideas for Toddlers | From Breakfast to Dinner Vegetarian Toddler Meal Ideas

This is how I've been making notes on this large paper taped on the wall near my desk on food ideas for my fussy toddler twins. (Yes, I am a very organized person (if you did not already know that!!))

When I have ideas listed out in front of me instead of in my head, it's easy to scan through and decide what to give the kids each day.  If one combination doesn't work, I try the other.  My one year old twins are very, very, super, extreme, unbelievably annoying picky eaters.  So I have to try really hard to make them eat and like something.

The day I prepared dinner for my family - for the first time

It had been a month and half since I came to Bangkok and had not cooked anything special for my family except baking cakes a couple of times.  So yesterday I cooked the entire dinner from appetizer to dessert for my family for the first time.  I had major butterflies in my stomach if they'd like my food as much as others always did, but the dinner turned out great.

Moong Dal ki Kurkuri Poori | Korma ki Poori | Tea Time Snack

She deep-fried them one at a time in a small kadhai and told me it's called Korma ki Poori.

"Why is it called Korma ki Puri?" I asked.  "What's the korma in this?"
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