failed attempt: moong dal pakoda - what to do?

$#!T happens.

No matter how many times you previously cook something, some days you still screw it up.

Some days, accidentally, you add a little extra salt or a little too much chili paste.  Sometimes you spill a little out, or pour a little extra in.  Once in a while you throw it away, a few times - you can fix.
pakoda batter became too runny - what to do?
I was intending to make moong dal pakoda.  Soaked the split green mung bean (hindi: chilkewali moong dal) for an hour.  And then, something happened.

I ended up grinding the moong dal into a fine paste instead of coarse paste adding more water than required.  But I still went on adding other ingredients of moong dal pakoda - onion, green chilies, etc - thinking I would fix it along the way.
english: split green mung bean - hindi: chilkewali moong dal
But I could not.  The batter just turned out runny, too thin to form any kind of pakoda.  The last thing I wanted was to soak more dal and grind more dal and increase the batter to serve 4 people instead of 2.  And then, something happened.

This time, for the better.  The light bulb in my head switched on.  And I added a little besan (chickpea flour) and some more water to the batter, tasted and adjusted the salt and spice.
moong dal pakoda batter converted into moong dal chilla
Heated a flat pan, greased it a bit, poured the batter over the pan, and spread it around with spoon.  After a minute, I brushed the side with some oil, flipped it over, cooked on the other side.  I transformed the moong dal pakoda (fritters) batter into a moong dal cheela (crepes) batter.
spread batter on flat pan, cook moong dal chilla on both sides
And then I ate this delicious moong dal chilla (crepes).
With some green chutney, a little yogurt, and a smile.
Moong Dal Cheela | Split Green Mung Bean Crepes | Mung Dal Chilla

Your turn: Tell me one dish you (almost?) screwed up and how (if?) you fixed it.
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  1. It's great when you begin to have the confidence of cooking and managing to save the ingredients by making a new dish. I know I have ended up eating falafels as dahi vadas when they turn out too dry.

  2. this is a story of my life - i have had similar problem before and I threw the batter away.

  3. Making moong dhall pakoda is good for health than other dhall, Nice one yaar :)


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