Corn Capsicum and Cheese Toast Recipe

On days when husband surprisingly returns home from work earlier than usual and the preparation for dinner has not even begun and he is hungry and there are no leftovers from the day before or the day....

It's a situation that calls for a quick fix.  Let's hurry up and look in the refrigerator.

Spusht | Corn Capsicum and Cheese Toast

Aate aur Badam ke Laddoo (Whole Wheat Flour and Almond Ladoo) Recipe

When my mother-in-law came to visit us, she made some really yummy aate ka laddu and made them wholesome by adding almonds.  These wheat and almond laddu were so appetizing, I loved eating them every little while especially with a savory mixture or bhujia.  Sweet ladoo paired with savory/spicy mixture had become my favorite snack to munch on all day.

Two-Minute Microwave Eggless Chocolate Cake | Eggless Baking

There are days of hunger pangs for a yummy homemade cake.  Then there are times when there is no patience for preheating an oven.  Then there are days when baking a big cake for just one or two persons is not practical.  Ahhh.  What to do?!

This two-minute microwave eggless chocolate cake is the solution.  Trust me.