Basic Bakeware Needs for Beginners | Baking Tools and Essentials

Someone who was looking to start baking recently asked a question in a group what the best bakeware is, where to buy from, and whether to opt for a hand mixer or the stand mixer?

That made me go back in time and ask myself, "how did I start baking?"  And when I asked readers on my Facebook page if they'd like a post on the basic baking tools and they responded affirmative, here is a post that I hope will help other beginners.

In this post am going to share a little background of how I began baking, things I learned over time, pictures of baking tools I have, a list of basic things you need (and do not need), and some suggestions.  My aim is to give you valuable information under one roof, so I will be editing this post often as I think of more tips, ideas, answers to questions, and some more pictures as I stock up on more things.

Eggless Banana Bread Recipe

I baked Banana Bread again this past weekend.  Must tell you the the different trials I have conducted on banana bread recipe over the year - I have divided my recipe in half, I have tried a combination of sugars instead of one, I have replaced milk with makeshift buttermilk (milk + vinegar), I have used more butter than the proportion stated, and I have divided the batter to bake in two small Pyrex glass containers instead of aluminum loaf tins.

I have experimented with everything the instructions tell you not to.  

Samosa Recipe | Popular Indian Appetizer

While I was making tea after lunch, Alok opened the freezer today and saw a packet of samosas.  He HATES to eat anything frozen.  But after I made and fried some samosas fresh yesterday, I froze a few without frying for later.

He looks at me, shakes his head, and I knew an argument was going to be up next.

Alok: You froze samosa?  Tch tch. (smiling as if he discovered something I was hiding) You know I don't like it!
Me:   Everyone does it okay. I don't want to make small batches of something repeatedly anymore.  It's good to have some things ready when you want it.
Alok: Why don't you freeze tea also?  Freeze everything, so it will all be ready whenever you want it.  I must see what else is there in the freezer. (taking out each packet to see and to playfully tease me)
Me:   Freezing properly does not spoil the food.  What do you think restaurants do?  They freeze at the initial stage and cook on order that's why you get hot food that looks as good as fresh. (still hoping to change his mind!)
Alok: Okay, can I order Shahi Paneer, Kofta, and Naan from you right now?  Can you give it to me?  Now you see, this is not a restaurant, this is my house! (smiling because he *thinks* he won the argument)

Baked Tomatoes with Paneer and Potato Stuffing

I was trying something random the other day.  I told Alok I was cooking something special that day.  Special meant something new, since I had not attempted a new recipe or a new dish in a long time. 

As I added the unplanned ingredients one after the other, cooked and sampled it, the mixture was tasty and spicy.  So I thought of stuffing it in tomatoes, and baked it to see what happens.  I considered being prepared with a Plan B, but the stuffed tomatoes turned out great!