Coupons: Grocery, Kitchen Items & Household Products - Part 2

With reference to Sunday newspapers in my earlier post Save Your Money – Use Coupons!, the upcoming P&G brandSAVER® coupon booklet with savings over $102 will be published on 30th October 2011.

And in continuation to the list from Coupons: Grocery, Kitchen Items & Household Products - Part 1, here are more links for some useful household products & grocery items.  You might want to read the notes & explanation & tips in Part 1 about using these websites.  Clicking on the link takes you to the offer/promotion/coupon page right away.  Also read notes below.

Recipe: Shrikhand (Indian Sweet Dish) | Greek Yogurt Dessert Idea

I cannot believe how easy it is to make Shrikhand and how long it took me to actually realize this!!!!!  If you are looking for a no cook, no bake, no gelatin, no agar agar, extremely simple, super easy, delicious and flavorful eggless dessert - then this Indian sweet dish called Shrikhand is your answer.

spusht | easy dessert recipe | indian sweet dish shrikhand

Coupons: Grocery, Kitchen Items & Household Products - Part 1

In an earlier post (Save Your Money – Use Coupons!) I mentioned 5 ways to save & shared the already-popular-yet-ignored links  :-)  Well, beside the Sunday newspapers, as time passed, I made a list of some brands / products / websites that provide printing coupons online.   I found it impossible to match the amazing 'extreme couponing' videos where they pay just few dollars for some $200 of shopping!  So I collect & clip coupons in ways that anyone else can also do without wasting much time.  Here I'm listing out simple ways to find/search/get coupons along with some direct links to help you add up your savings  :-)

Stuffed Khandvi (Pittod / Suralichi Vadi / Stuffed Chickpea Flour Rolls)

When invited at a snack potluck last week, I searched hours for various snack ideas but most of them seemed humdrum – at potlucks you want to take something unique because you like it when people appreciate, right?

I knew some others were bringing cutlets, samosas, a baked dish, sandwiches, and Mexican pinwheels.  Amid those, I thought the light snack Stuffed Khandvi from Gujarat (also known as Pittod in Rajasthan & Suralichi Vadi in Maharashtra) would be different (being the only item with chickpea flour).

Spusht | Stuffed Khandvi | Chickpea Flour Rolls
Stuffed Khandvi | Chickpea Flour Rolls | Pittod | Suralichi Vadi
Basic Khandvi is made without any stuffing & still tastes & looks great, but I added a slight variation, and had everyone complimenting on how soft & good the Khandvi was.

Recipe: Grapes & Walnut Raita

I had one whole packet of grapes at home.  Grapes that were about to rot, actually.  I needed something beyond salads to use them.  Found this raita recipe - a delicious combination of seasoned yogurt (raita) with fruit + nuts + herb + spices that turned out sooooo good!  This Grapes and Walnut Raita is going to be addictive if you have a taste like mine.

Grapes and Walnut Raita

Paneer Potato Rösti (Indian Touch to Swiss Dish)

One evening I did not have much time to cook and wanted to make something simple yet filling for dinner, so I found this Indian version recipe for Paneer Potato Rösti.

Rösti is a famous Swiss dish made primarily with potatoes, is a common breakfast item, and goes along best with sour cream (just like mashed potatoes do).