Save Your Money - Use Coupons!

In the initial days after I moved to the USA, I used to convert the currency & find some things so expensive [do I see you nodding? :D ]  Then I learned about the different kinds of coupons they use here & how it really helps save up at least a little bit each month.  Several people might not know about coupons, some might - but never use them.  And if it’s about feeling shy, stingy, or “what people may think” ... then trust me no one cares.  And even if they do, you shouldn’t – they’re not working hard to pay your bills  :-)

How Facebook Has Evolved - From Social Networking to Social Stalking

From what I've heard, in the initial years after Facebook launched in 2004, it was a university's prestige to have special access to Facebook for its students.  Then it became public.  Then it became a trend; the first thing you'd ask if someone was on Facebook, the next thing was to add them immediately.  Over the years the developers introduced several applications, improved privacy settings, launched advertisements and sponsorships, created Fan pages, added video-sharing and chat, connected and reconnected friends, families, and strangers around the world, and enhanced overall user experience.  Basically, Facebook became the only other thing (apart from women) having the power to attract people of all ages.

Recipe: Apple Kheer / Apple Rabdi / Apple Pudding

Apples were about to rot at home so while searching for Apple recipes to use them up faster before it is too late, I found this quick easy and simple recipe for Apple Kheer / Apple Pudding (you can also call it Apple Rabdi if you make it thicker!).  Should serve about 4 persons.

Apple Pudding - who would believe this kheer is made using apples?!  Try it.

Eggless Chocolate Cake | Egg-free Baking | Chocolate Cake Recipe using Yogurt

Amid the hundred of different kinds of recipes for eggless chocolate cake, here I found another one from Shobha Indani’s cookbook ‘Swad Sugandh’ that worked.  It interested me because of the use of yogurt in this cake, but in the end the taste or smell of curd is just not noticeable at all in the cake.

I also used Almonds & Walnuts (totally optional), for this cake but you can add anything else you like.  As for the frosting, out of several trial and errors I came up with something that turned out fine.

Eggless Chocolate Cake using curd
Eggless Chocolate Cake (using curd ... shhhh!)

Make the most of your appetite and money at all-you-can-eat buffet!

I actually came up with this theory (yeah right!) when I had to dine alone one day.  Since I was eating alone, I wanted to make the most of my appetite and get more value for money at this all-you-can-eat buffet.  I came up with some ways that I can apply at the salad bar restaurants, such as Sweet Tomatoes, Souper Salad, Fresh Choice, or Sizzlers.  You may try these at other kinds of restaurants or buffets and see if it works!   Since I don't eat meat, this list is limited to vegetarians.

Overheard - Wives Discussing Husbands!

I was at this place where I overheard a group of 10 female friends discussing about their troubles, their marriage, their kids and husbands, and as you know women – they were talking about any and every other topic under the sun :-)  Out of the whole 5-hour entertaining conversation that I was a part of (as a silent spectator), I thought of writing about the one that interested me the most.  For now, I’m jotting as much as I can before I forget; more to be added as I recall.  Enjoy…

Rose: How many of you fought with your husband before you came here?(Everyone raises hand and nods)

Gobi Gulistan / Tandoori Gobhi Recipe

This recipe for Vegetarian Gobi Gulistan or Tandoori Gobhi (the vegetarian version) is adapted from Shobha Indani's 'Swad Sugandh' & serves 4-6 people.  This makes a very impressive dish to serve at a party.

Gobi Gulistan: cauliflower marinated and baked in the oven