ginger for tea

Problem 1: I developed a habit and liking for Tea in my last trip to India ("chaska", as called in Hindi)
Problem 2: I am not comfortable driving in the new city without a GPS (ours was stolen)
Problem 3: My fussy, moody husband would neither go do grocery himself, nor take me

So we did not go do grocery for over two weeks in January.  Because the last time we went...
Alok: Man, I'm not going to come for grocery again for next few weeks.  Make sure you bought enough.
Me: You mad?  How am I going to extend the life of vegetables until then?

FAQ – Growing Wheatgrass and Making Wheatgrass Juice at Home

More people are becoming aware of wheatgrass juice benefits and want to learn how to make wheatgrass juice at home.  I have received several questions regarding growing wheatgrass and making wheatgrass juice at home.  I have been growing wheatgrass at home since two years (and my mom used to do it for me before for many years).  So being aware of the process from start to end, here’s my humble attempt at answering reader's questions.
how to grow wheat grass at home
If you are new to wheatgrass growing: click here to see the procedure of how to grow wheatgrass at home and how to juice wheatgrass juice at home with step-by-step pictures.  

Or in the video below see me demonstrating how to grow wheat grass at home:

List of Utensils, Cooking Tools, and Items for the Indian Kitchen (and beyond)

In the last two years in USA, ever since I started handling the kitchen, there have been so many times I got frustrated because I did not have so many things in the kitchen.  So many times I would wish to fly to India only to shop and bring kitchen items to USI used to forget that when you just begin to start a household in a new place on your own, you add things gradually.  Both in your apartment and in your life.  It is very different from starting a new life at homes and with families that have been well-settled at a place since decades.

There have been so many times I have made lists of things I needed to buy for the kitchen and my apartment, and wanted to shop like the world was ending the next day.  But when the sane me comes back to its normal state, I continue to compile the list of essential utensils, cooking and serving tools, kitchen instruments, basic and not-so-basic items I need (or anyone might need) – especially for an Indian kitchen and for Indian cooking, but of course not limited only to it.

40th birthday ideas: birthday cake, party, and more

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.  Content on this page may not be appropriate for certain audiences.

Read Part 1: 40th birthday planning ideas: theme, party favor, shopping list, and more

and then...

The cake that had every curious eye glued to it ... was a newspaper-style birthday cake, which was designed by yours truly.  That is right.  My concept and design.

spusht | newspaper style cake | naughty forty birthday cake surprise
newspaper style naughty birthday cake surprise

40th birthday planning ideas: theme, party favor, shopping list, and more

Her husband's 40th birthday was in three weeks.  Except the confidential evite (electronic invitation sent via email) sent to everyone, nothing else was planned for the birthday surprise she wanted to give to her hubby.  One day, somehow, she and I started discussing about the party.  And after one sleepover, two dinners, three secret meetings, and numerous phone calls, we finally organized an incredible surprise birthday party for her husband that guests talked about for weeks.

Planning a Theme for the Birthday Party
For 40th birthday party, after several colors and theme options, we decided to keep it to a simple black and silver/white color theme with no other special theme.  She booked Bamboo Gardens, Texas to cater food at the birthday party, and the menu consisted of some delicious Indo-Chinese food - her husband's favorite cuisine.  Her closest friends helped book a club house as the venue, along with a DJ and a bartender.  Great progress.

at the planning stage for the party