Mixed Vegetables in Yellow Lentils Recipe | Toor Dal Recipe

Lentils (dals) are such an important part of a vegetarian’s meal everyday, for all the protein it has, and for its accompaniment to rice and roti.  And my hubby being brought up in South India, needs rice and dal every day, while I’m happy with only roti and sabji.  But since I have to cook dal daily, I get really, really bored making and eating the same thing everyday.  So what I do is add variety to the simple dal.

Burning your feed? Blogging Tip # 3

Novice bloggers: I don’t want you to wait until one year like me to do something as simple and useful as this for your blog, so read up on how to allow FeedBurner to add value to your blog/site.  It is not complicated; at least hopefully it will not be after you read through.

First up, let’s study Feed 101: what is RSS and RSS feed?

Avocado and Mango Salad Recipe | Joy of Cooking Recipes

I never thought I would blog about salad.  I do not read anyone’s salad recipe posts online either, unless  something is catchy.  Because salad, in my view, consists of anything you mix and add anything you wish and make it any way you wish.  I thought there was nothing special about any particular salad style or recipe.  Salad was something that could have a million combinations.

But this Avocado and Mango Salad, my friend, changed my mind.
Avocado and Mango Salad
... and I fell in love with this Avocado and Mango Salad!

Fenugreek Leaves – Boon or Bane?

The very first time I used fenugreek leaves (methi) in cooking was to make Gobhi-Methi Stuffed Paratha.  Happily bought 2 bundles of methi leaves because they were ridiculously cheap that season (2 bundles for $1) and began cleaning them while imagining what other dishes should I make with methi for the rest of the week.
After about two hours, I furiously called my husband and said “I have been cleaning the ~!@#$% fenugreek leaves past two hours, it’s such a pain in the @$$.  If you ever buy this thing again, I will give pain in your @$$.”

Poetry: Mom - Happy Mother's Day!

I found a long-lost poem I had written some 11 years ago.  Poetry was a new-found interest at that time, so looking back at it now I feel the writing was quite amateurish (may be still is, ha!).  I think I had written this one for my mom's birthday, not sure.  I will have to ask her if she still has it.  For all I know, she has treasured my dad's love letters written 28 years back - so she'd better save the love I've expressed to her too, hehe.  [This was intentional; she reads my blog ;)]   

And since it is Mother's Day today 13th May 2012, here I'm sharing this poem wishing all the wonderful moms a Happy Mother's Day and saluting their unconditional love.

How to Make Sweetened Canned Pineapple at Home

I was surprised to discover one could make this canned pineapple version at home when I made it the first time.  The next time, I'm going to try pineapple jam or pineapple topping like I tried making strawberry topping.  At least feels good to know I can preserve pineapple in natural ways before it starts to rot.  Do you think it’s better to preserve or freeze than waste?  (I do, but my hubby disagrees!)

Social Networking - Facebook Fan Page: Blogging Tip # 2

I thought I had enough activities and social circles in my life to keep me busy and did not want to add a Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Klout (what? never heard?), Twitter, and Facebook Page to the list.

Oh no, I don’t mind socializing.  I have been the queen of social networking; ask my 562 friends and family on Facebook (I’m not showing-off :P).  And though the addition of a Facebook page required investing more time, after one year as a blogger I realized it was good to keep up with the social networks.

So then, I went on Twitter.  And on StumbleUpon.  And finally created a Facebook fan page for Spusht.

Chinese Fried Rice: Indo-Chinese Food

There are plenty of vegetarian options in Indo-Chinese cuisine, all the way from appetizer to main course.  Gobi Manchurian? Check.  Manchow Soup? Check.  Chili Paneer? Check.  And especially after making other dishes that uses similar ingredients, whether vegetables or sauces, why not save some of each to cook up a Chinese Fried Rice instead of plain rice to go along with the meal?