Manchow Soup: Indo - Chinese Food

Indian-Chinese food is very popular in India, and is a favorite of many people – whether ordering a Manchow Soup to start meal with, Manchurian as an appetizer at the restaurant, or watching Hakka Noodles cooked in a wok over high flame at the street side.  Some seasonings and cooking techniques of Chinese cuisine adapted to Indian taste and style makes this Indo-Chinese fusion food a different cuisine altogether.

Spusht | Indo-Chinese style Manchow Soup
Indo-Chinese Style Manchow Soup

Moussaka & Cacık – Tricky to Speak, Tasty to Eat

I am an eggplant convert, from a hater to a lover.  But apart from the Baingan ka Bhurta (mashed eggplant), Bharwan Baingan (stuffed eggplant) and Aloo Baigan Sabji (potato & eggplant stir-fry) in Indian cuisine, the only other dish I have had most number of times is Eggplant Parmesan in Italian cuisine.

While looking for some more eggplant recipes for variety, I came across “Moussaka”.  What I loved more about it was how I pronounced the name when I told my husband what the menu for dinner was :P

Spusht | Moussaka and Cacik from Mediterranean Cuisine
Moussaka and Cacik - Mediterranean Cuisine

Food Photography: Light – By a Beginner, For the Beginner, Part 1

I do not claim to be an amazing photographer like the experienced, creative and popular food bloggers, food stylists, or food photographers around the world.  I am nowhere close to professional and still consider myself a newbie since I began blogging in 2011.  I have not attended any photography workshops or bought any of the brilliant books on food photography.

But as a self-learner, I have read tips and tricks on photography sites, observed numerous food photos on websites and personal blogs, and watched plenty videos.  I made notes as I learned anything new from anywhere and used trial-and-error as time passed.  And even though I may not have applied most of the learning and observation, I know I still have a long way to go and enormous room of improvement.

So, why am I still writing this post?

Carrot and Mint Soup Recipe

I was not a fan of mint ice cream or mint chocolate or anything minty except chewing gum, but I now definitely am of this Carrot and Mint Soup. 

This carrot & mint soup is adapted from Saransh Goila’s recipe on his Facebook page.  This soup recipe is a keeper.  Read the recipe, see the pictures, and tell me, isn't it perfect for winters!?

Carrot and Mint Soup Recipe

Valentine’s, Birthday, Anniversary Gifts and Celebration Ideas & More

Last week my husband arranged a surprise for my birthday. Last month we celebrated our first anniversary. And two months ago one of my brothers-in-law asked me to suggest some ideas for Valentine’s Day to surprise his wife. Yes, I wondered if he started planning two months ago for Valentine’s – how much more special would he make his anniversary celebration!?

Unlike my husband & I – we only think & plan for future events, but usually get to actually working on it just a week before the D-day!  How many of us Google up for gift & celebration ideas for Valentine's, Anniversary, Birthdays, and other such significant events?