carrot situation

A Costco membership is known to be very economical for a large family (from eating to cleaning - purchase all items in bulk), or for one with children (diapers and organic produce at discounted prices), and for the meat eaters.  But our recently acquired Costco membership is turning out to be quite beneficial ... for a vegetarian family of ... just the two of us.

spice box (masala dabba) - the indian kitchen essential

A spice carousel or a ferris wheel spice rack (I want it so bad!) look fancy on the kitchen counter, but for regular use a masala dabba (circular spice box found in all Indian kitchens) like the one below is:
   a) a time-saver, and
   b) a space-saver.
   a) it does not require opening several lids, and
   b) stores the frequently used, most basic, and sufficient quantity of spices for daily use - all at one place.
People keep different kinds of spices in their spice box (masala dabba) depending on what they mostly use in their kitchen.  My spice box comprises of:

how to remove sticker labels from stainless steel utensils

Sticker labels on stainless steel utensils look bad when you serve in them. And peeling them by hand is not only annoying, but it also leaves sticky stuff as well as a mark behind.  Here's an easy way I learned from my mother-in-law how to remove the sticker labels from stainless steel utensils.

Keep a tong and a pincer ready.

why do you blog?

India, Nov 2012
In my trip to India couple of months back, the first time after my wedding, a lot of people (friends and relatives) asked me what I do in the US?  Why don't I have a job?  What do I do all day then?  Don't I get bored at home?

I had to explain a few things about why I don't work.  I'm not too proud that after an Engineering and an MBA degree I'm still a housewife here.  But I do not get bored at home.  I do not give myself a chance to get bored, really.  I try to keep myself busy all day, and I blog.

"Why do you blog?  What do you get out of it?," they asked.

new year

I returned from a long vacation.  Visited my family in Indonesia and Thailand, and the in-laws in India.  Can't exactly call the latter a vacation.  But I was gone for a good 3.5 months from September to December.