How Blogging Made Me a Nicer Person

WARNING:  this post is a rant, partly sarcastic, and could appear rude to some – read at your own risk.  and try not to hate me; i’m still struggling to become nicer ;-)

The past Nisha used to be picky and brutally critique, though intentions were always only to improve myself or others.  But ever since I started blogging, a lot has changed the way I write and respond.  Part of it is because of what I see others do.  That doesn’t mean I do what people do.  I can’t be preaching “dare to be different” if I don’t follow it myself.  But the present Nisha has changed and how!

Let me give you a few scenarios of some food blogs I’ve come across and comments some  bloggers usually write:

Rajasthani Teej Sattu Decoration Ideas

The Marwari festival of Chhoti Teej just went by yesterday and Badi Teej is coming up on 4th August 2012.  Lots of preparations begin early, starting from teej saatu decoration planning to Teej dinner menu planning.  I know hundreds of people out there must have started searching ideas for teej pinda decoration and decorations of teej ka sattu.

marwari teej festival | badi teej festival | rajasthani teej festival

Two weeks back one of my sisters-in-law surprised me with her e-mail sending me all Teej sattu designs she made in the past.  Since there's still time for me to make my saatu for this Teej 2012 (my saatu decorations for teej 2011 are here), today I thought of sharing her photos here so that those who are going to make saatu and celebrate Teej get a headstart.

Tomato Paste, Purée, Juice, Gravy, Soup, Sauce, Ketchup

Some questions I had when I started cooking that I think other beginners might also have:

What is the difference between tomato ketchup and tomato sauce?
What is the difference between tomato sauce and tomato paste?
What is the difference between tomato paste and tomato puree?
What is the difference between tomato puree and tomato juice?
What is the difference between tomato juice and tomato soup?
What is the difference between tomato soup and tomato puree?

What it is called in one country may be called as something else in another country.  But there is a sure difference in either cooking methods or consistency for each of them.

Fairy Tale Reversed at Botanic Garden

We went to Fort Worth Botanic Garden one weekend.

"The oldest botanic garden in Texas, a 109-acre living museum displaying over 2500 species of native and exotic plants." ~

We didn't get to see as many beautiful gardens as displayed on their website, I wonder where they were, but whatever we saw was average.  After roaming around the gardens, we went to the "Butterfly Exhibit" - the main reason we were there for.

Simple Stir-fried Okra Recipe / Basic Bhindi ki Sabzi Recipe

After the stuffed okra recipe weapon I told you about last time, here’s a simple stir-fried okra (bhindi ki sabzi) that makes Alok fall down to his knees.  Nooooooooo, I’m dreaming :'(   :'(   It just makes him take few extra servings, enough to finish the sabzi that I cook extra for his lunch next day.  And I’m not jealous of these lady’s fingers, because I love them equally too =)

How to Make Tomato Puree at Home, Quick & Easy

I don't like purchasing certain items from stores that I can make at home without preservatives.  And Alok doesn't like my habit of making things at home and freezing them.

What do I freeze?
c) paneer, corn kernels, and mint leaves;
d) fruits/vegetables about to rot;
e) tomato purée, such as in this post;
f) a lot of other things.


You can definitely use store bought tomato purée in your cooking, but if you want to know how to make tomato purée at home and freeze it, continue to read.  Especially if your tomatoes are turning very soft and are about to rot, or you bought tons of tomatoes on sale, or you don't know what to do with extra tomatoes.  Basically, just read on  =)

Giveaway # 2: Silicone Spatula, Spoon Rest, Wooden Spoon Set {closed}

I was super excited when I won the Scharffenberger gift hamper and the Joy of Cooking book as giveaways.  And now, it’s my turn to give back the love to the world that has been given to me and my blog.

So here’s my Giveaway # 2: Pair of Silicone Spatula, Cast Iron Spoon Rest, and Wooden Spoon Set