failed attempt: chocolate chip cookies - what to do?

This was in 2012 when I was testing and trying various chocolate chip recipes with substitutions for eggs in the recipe using flax meal, banana puree, milk, applesauce, yogurt, and so on.  Trials and errors help us understand the concepts better.  Experiments from my Electronics and Chemistry labs in university taught me at least this, if nothing else.

Eggless Vanilla Pudding Recipe | Four Ingredients Pudding Recipe

You know the pudding mixes and custard packets you get from the store to make vanilla puddings or fruit custards?  Do you know what ingredients the packs contain?

Cornstarch, salt, artificial vanilla flavor, modified substances, thickening agents, all sorts of preservatives, and food colors, to which you have to add milk and sugar until the custard or pudding reaches your desired creamy consistency.
Spusht | Easy Vanilla Pudding Recipe
Easy Vanilla Pudding Recipe

what my blogging has done to my husband

When the blogging bug bit me two years back, it came with a baggage of boons and banes for both my husband and I.

While blogging made me cook more variety of dishes ... it spoiled Alok for choices, starting to think of himself as a king who would have a feast and enjoy watching TV, leaving the food right there in front of him.
April 2012

Eggless Brownie Recipe | Chocolate Brownies with Pecans

Eggless brownies with nuts and eggless chocolate chip cookies are my favorite baked goods to gift the host when I am invited over for lunch or dinner.  But I do not have a single final go-to recipe that I make all the time, because I keep trying a new brownie recipe or a new cookie recipe each time.
Spusht | Eggless Brownies | Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Gajar ka Halwa Recipe | Carrot Halwa Recipe | Indian Dessert Recipes

Some five years back...

Me to my mom: "What? You are making gajar ka halwa AGAIN?  What's the point of making something that reduces so much in quantity? Such a waste.  Waste of time, money, energy, food.  You should make desserts that require less ingredients but double in volume or size."

My mom to me: "Can you just keep quiet, stir the halwa one time and go?"
Spusht | Gajar Ka Halwa | Indian Mithai | Indian Sweet

Bhel Puri Recipe | Indian Chaat Recipe

Bhel Puri is another one of those Indian Chaats that is irresistible - spicy, tangy, crunchy, yummy.  Each one has a different way of preparing Bhel Puri - some prefer certain chutneys and some can do without, some like baareek sev (thin sev) whereas some like moti sev (thick sev or bhujia), some prefer a little spicy or some like it a bit tangy.

Spusht | Yummy Indian Chaat Bhel Puri Recipe
Yummy Indian Chaat - Bhel Puri
The best part is: there is no certain recipe for Bhel Puri because the ingredients can be absolutely added in random quantities and mixed to suit your personal preference, and still taste damn good in the end.  And why not - with the blend of different flavorful chutneys, the crunch from peanuts and papdi, the mixture of spices, the tartness from pieces of raw mango and lemon juice - all combined together wonderfully with the puffed rice makes this Bhel Puri a tempting chaat.