My Meals for a Month | Vegetarian Indian Homemade Food

I was in Amravati (Maharashtra) last year for a month visiting my maternal side of the family.  Going to nanihaal (nani's house) every summer vacation was something we used to look forward to as kids.  And this trip was all the more special because my mom's mom (Nani--my gradmom) became great grandmom to my twins, so the pampering was multifold-for me and for my kids.

My Nani and both my Mamiji (mom's brother's wife) cook such delicious food and so much variety everyday.  In this post I'm sharing my lunches for the one month that I stayed with them (too bad I did not click pictures of my dinners.)

You know there are times when love reflects through food...this is one of them.

Lapsi Chawal Kadhi Recipe | Rajasthani Cuisine

Another popular but still not the worldwide-popular dish in Rajasthani cuisine is Lapsi.  And just like how the Dal Bati Churma goes together, or there's the Dal Chawal Khatta combo -- this one is a Lapsi Chawal Kadhi combination:

Lapsi is sweet, made with broken wheat.
Kadhi is sour and savory, spiced and flavory.
Chawal is plain rice, versatile and nice.

recipe for lapsi chawal kadhi rajasthani cuisine