Pass The Parcel Game Forfeit Ideas

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While hunting for a list of forfeits to play Pass The Parcel with my group of friends, whenever I came across a good one in the past years I added to my list and finally have a good enough number and variety of fun punishments to keep the game interesting.

These pass the parcel forfeit ideas are a great idea to play when having an afternoon tea-party, evening dinner get-together with family, children's birthday party, at kitty party, or a weekend picnic with friends and family (especially since these are decent penalties).

Suggestion: Have a 30-second time limit for each forfeit:

1.     Sing a nursery rhyme!
2.     Say the alphabets backwards! 
3.     Act like your opposite gender! 
4.     Show us your best dance move! 
5.     Mimic a Hollywood (or Bollywood) actor/actress! 
6.     Make a paper airplane one-handed! 
7.    Stand on one leg and write 8 in the air with one hand while eyes closed with the other hand! 
8.     Hum a song until people are able to guess it! 
9.     Pretend to be a chicken with its bottom on fire!
10.   Silently enact an animal until any person guesses it!
11.   Pick an object and create a sales pitch!
12.   Name five parts of the body spelled with only 3 letters.
13.   Sing the lyrics of a song to the tune of another song!
14.   Clap with your hands, then clap with your feet, then hands again, then feet again!
15.   Sing 'Happy Birthday' pressing your nose on both sides!
16.   With 3 biscuits in your mouth, sing a Hollywood (or Bollywood) song!
17.   Tell us about one of your most embarrassing moments!
18.   Ice cube to be put in your t-shirt until you name 5 types of fish!
19.   Say the colors of the rainbow (in the correct order will be better)!
20.   Tell a joke - if no one finds it funny, be prepared with another one!
21.  Say the tongue twister: "She sells seashells on the sea shore" 5 times in 20 seconds!
22.  Re-enact a 30-second scene from any movie; with you playing all characters (appropriate accents and voices must be used)!
23.  Name everyone in the room with your eyes shut!
24.  Act like a monkey for 20 seconds (include all the scratching, eating banana, etc)!
25.  Put on as many clothes in a minute as possible!
26.  Hop on one leg, with a cup of water on your hand, and sing a song!
27.  Put lipstick on the person to your right (blindfolded)!
28.  Show/act out 5 different emotions/expressions and let people guess each!
29.  Pat your head, rub your tummy, wink one eye, and keep your tongue out - all at the same time! 
30.  Act like a cowboy (imagine you are wearing a hat, riding on a horse then getting off, etc - get into the character)!
31.  Say the tongue twister: "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers" 5 times in 20 seconds!
32.  Turn/spin around 10 times then drink a glass of water before sitting down.
33.  Do the belly dance!
34.  Recite the months of the year backwards!
35.  Act like you are very angry someone ate all your food - what are you going to say!

How to play Pass The Parcel?

Style #1:
  • Write each pass the parcel forfeit on a separate slip of paper, fold it well and put all the slips in a bowl or small bag.
  • Sitting in a circle, with the music on, pass any small item (ball, balloon, cushion, box) to the person on your right or left hand side, and it goes on that way until the music stops.
  • The person holding the item when the music has instantly stopped has to pick a random slip of paper and perform whatever challenge is written on the it, and then the person is out of the game.
  • The music restarts and this goes on until 1 last person, the winner, remains.

Style # 2:
  • Pack some small gifts depending on the number of players, and place a slip of paper with each gift.  Then wrap another layer of gift (you may use newspaper to wrap; less expensive) with another slip, until you finally pack the whole 'parcel'.
  • When the music starts, you pass the parcel as usual, and when the music stops, the person with the parcel removes one layer of the parcel, performs the dare on the slip, keeps the gift, and goes out of the game.  The music starts again, and the game continues.
  • You may choose not to place a gift for some layers, so not everyone might get one, but the forfeit slip still remains in each layer, until the last person remaining wins the last gift.  

Trust me, these passing the parcel game ideas and punishments are great for kid's birthday parties, picnics or family dinners!

Note:  A grown-up who can operate the music system and is not playing Pass The Parcel is designated to start and stop the music at his/her own wish WITHOUT facing the players to maintain a fair game.

I may be updating this list as time goes by, so do come back to check.  If you have any interesting tips, ideas or forfeits you would like to share, don't hesitate to drop a comment!

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