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Pass the parcel is a fun game to play when having an afternoon tea-party, evening dinner get-together with family, children's birthday party, on any occasion such as New Years, outdoors at a weekend picnic, or a casual meetup with friends and family. Adding forfeits is a great idea to make it challenging and interesting for people of all ages.

How to play Pass The Parcel?

Option #1:
  • Write each pass the parcel forfeit on a separate slip of paper, fold it well and put all the slips in a bowl or small bag.
  • Sitting in a circle, with the music on, pass any small item (ball, balloon, cushion, box) to the person on your right or left hand side, and it goes on that way until the music stops.
  • The person holding the item when the music has instantly stopped has to pick a random slip of paper and perform whatever challenge is written on the it, and then the person is out of the game.
  • The music restarts and this goes on until 1 last person, the winner, remains.

Option # 2:
  • Pack some small gifts depending on the number of players, and place a slip of paper with each gift.  Then wrap another layer of gift (you may use newspaper to wrap; less expensive) with another slip, until you finally pack the whole 'parcel'.
  • When the music starts, you pass the parcel as usual, and when the music stops, the person with the parcel removes one layer of the parcel, performs the dare on the slip, keeps the gift, and goes out of the game.  The music starts again, and the game continues.
  • You may choose not to place a gift for some layers, so not everyone might get one, but the forfeit slip still remains in each layer, until the last person remaining wins the last gift.  

  A grown-up who can operate the music system and is not playing Pass The Parcel is designated to start and stop the music at his/her own wish WITHOUT facing the players to maintain a fair game.

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-- What you will receive --
► 4 PDF files, high resolution 300dpi, consisting of 40 forfeits and 8 blank cards + 1 PDF with instructions, how to play, and game variation
► Each forfeit card is 6.5cm W x 6.7cm H
► No watermarks on purchased files

-- Print details --
► Print in color on 8.5”x11” letter size printer paper or preferably on card stock. Select “Fit” since the printable area is outside the regular 1” printer margin.
► Colors may vary slightly depending on your screen and printer

♦ This is a digital download only. No physical items will be sent. Print and play as many times as you like!


  1. Hi There
    I was searching for ideas and stumbled on this wonderful site. I absolutely love the forfeit ideas for 'pass the parcel' and had fun trying out the ideas myself. Thanx a million for such doable and fun ideas. Pls do post more ideas.

    Mom of 6 yr old.

    1. Your feedback made my day. Thank you!

    2. awsum ideas for passing parcel slip gud job

    3. Great great ideas and i am doing all the ideas on the list in our xmas party
      Whoo whoo
      Super excited
      Thank you very much

  2. Thank u so much for these sugestions!! :-)

  3. Great great great suggestions, I'm using them for my nieces 10th birthday this Sat (:

    1. Thanks, I hope she and her friends enjoyed! :)

  4. Very very very very very very very goooooooooooooooooooooood site!

  5. great ideas their were really gooooooooood

    1. Good ideas! I am using some in my part :)

  6. thank you... these are some very great ideas :P
    I'll be using a few in my party :P

  7. i wanted some parce the parcing dares and i stumbled on this website searching for some. i was really......HAPPY. Thank You soooooo much........

  8. gr8 here i got wat i searching for

  9. great success i used this for my christmas party! amazing!
    -even for older children!

  10. I am planning huge parties for adults and kids this summer and this site seems god sent to me .

  11. Thanks so much!

  12. Thank you. My family is coming for my 70th and I'm printing out your forfeits. I know they will love doing them.

  13. Great ideas! Here's a few of mine to swap with you:

    Eat a Chocolate dipped in Marmite
    Eat a chocolate from a Bowl of Flour – hands behind your head
    Clap using your feet
    Guess what's in the box blindfolded
    Kiss the person on your left (no swapping places)


  14. Thanks for the ideas

  15. Great ideas. Am going to use some for my son's 18th birthday party. The family one!


  17. Great Ideas. Using these for some family fun Good Friday. Let you know how we get on. Been fun readying them!!
    Mother of two 13 & 11 years old!!

  18. Nice ideas... I m going to use it for our society kid's game. Thank u...

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    it is very usable...

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    Felt worth sharing after reading ur very comprehensive list! Thanks!


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