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Some people in the past made various wonderful desserts with chhena (paneer), and gave them lovely names, and made it look like only sweatshops could make such tempting desserts that seemed impossible to attain at home.  But the truth is  once you learn to make chhena (paneer) at home, and once you learn how to make basic Rasgulla at home, you can make SO many desserts with it.  

Spusht | Angoor Rabri Recipe | Chhena Balls in Milk Sauce

Let me tell you a little secret: When you make an oblong shape with that chhena (paneer), you get Cham Cham.  When you make a round flat patty, you get Ras Malai.  When you make XL size of those chhena (paneer) balls with a stuffing of nuts, you get Rajbhog.  When you make M size of the round chhena balls, you get a standard size Rasgulla.  And when you make XS size of the balls, you are on your way to making this beautiful Angoor Rabdi, also known as Angoor Malai.

Spusht | How to Make Angoor Rabri | Angoor Malai | Angoori Rabdi | Baby Rasgulla in Rabdi

There is a funny story about how I made Angoor Rabdi one day for a gathering of 90 people.  If I gather enough courage to talk about yet another cooking disaster of my life, I will share it with you all some day. If you'd like to read, I have shared it here.

Spusht | Angoori Rabdi Recipe | Mini Rasgulla Balls Soaked in Milk Rabdi

But for now – all you need to know is that this Angoor Rabdi recipe comes to you after numerous experiments.  And as complicated as it may seem to you, making this amazing Indian dessert is actually so simple.

Spusht | Fresh paneer balls cooked in sweet syrup | Thickened sweetened saffron and cardamom flavored milk

Step 1: go to my Rasgulla post to learn how to make the XS size balls
Step 2: go to my Ras Malai post to see how to make the sweetened thickened flavored milk
Step 3: mix the XS squeezed rasgulla balls in the warm flavored milk, garnish with sliced almonds and pistachios, and there you have it: Angoori Rabdi

Spusht | Slivered Pistachios and Almonds | Angoor Malai | Angoori Rabri

One liter milk (about 4 cups) should give you about three-fourth cup of chhena (soft, fresh, paneer).  That amount would make about 15 standard size rasgulla, 25 medium rasgulla, 15 ras malai pieces, and about 40 small or 50 tiny balls for Angoor Malai.  My guests have loved the individual bowl of Angoor Malai I have served them with 4-5 tiny pieces of the extra, extra small balls.

Spusht | Small Rasgulla Balls: Chhena Balls Soaked in Sweet Syrup

Just remember to gently squeeze the itsy-bitsy baby rasgulla balls before adding into the warm flavored milk so that a little milk seeps into the squeezed balls.  Refrigerate for a couple of hours so the flavors blend well before serving this delicious dessert chilled.

Spusht | Angoor Malai Recipe | Mini Ras Malai

I would describe angoor malai as baby rasgulla in ras malai milk.  Angoor in english is grapes, which is the reason why these tiny balls that represent grapes are named as Angoor. Or what they really are basically mini ras malai balls.  That’s it.  No rocket science.

Spusht | Angoor Rabdi | Angoor Rabri

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  1. they look beautiful n yes I must say write up is awesome!

  2. Hi Nisha,
    Whenever I see your condiments china and few other china (not those glassware ones, but those white china), I am so in love. I guess, you have diya shape and many other lovely shape. Even in these post, I know those corelle dessert bowls and also those katori type ones of corelle. But, these are little different in terms of depth. Where do you source them ? Do you like to share with your readers, so that we all can stock them up ? Or How about a post showing your beautiful collection of these condiment china, like the one you have for list of utensils.

    1. Wow, you have really gone through a lot of posts and pictures on the blog - thanks Mansi!
      Honestly I have a very small collection in comparison to the amazing props other bloggers have :) But I mostly bought all my serveware and drinkware from Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl's, Macy's, Ross, Ikea, etc. The small white and pink bowls you see in this picture are from Chatuchak Market, Bangkok. Good idea - I can do a post on this topic if you think it will be useful for everyone :-)

    2. Well, Like many Kapoor, I am hard-core meat eater. A year back, my significant other's mum gifted me with 2 books of Shobha Indani - one in English and one in Hindi. So, all your beautiful china always catches my attention. Maybe other bloggers have lot of props. All these are quite elegant. No wonder, they are quite hatke too. As people always relate china with william sonoma. I should seriously check Ross and Kohls. Never had from there.
      Eagerly looking forward for the post with all those beautiful china. Please do as and when time permits. As usual, keep doing the great work

  3. yummy recipe and beautiful clicks!!

  4. Absolutely delicious. Irresistible.

  5. Mouthwatering post! I love Angoori Rabdi :)


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