Solutions for Search Queries – Blogging Tip # 7

Last year after I mentioned about search queries and referrals, I followed up with few search query examples.

From the thousands of other search queries in my database since I started this blog, here are some exclusive ones I picked from my Google Analytics for some learning and a little entertainment.  Some search queries are interesting, some funny, some possible doubts that beginners could have in kitchen, some really good questions, and some are … just out of the blue!

California State Pacific Coast Highway Route 1

When Alok said we will take the Highway 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles which would be a 9 hour scenic drive – I was already dreading the trip.  NINE HOURS of mountains and ocean is going to get boring, I thought – how much of this lengthy scenic drive can one take?!
Spusht | Highway One Route | San Francisco to Los Angeles
There is a reason why Highway 1 is known to be one of the most scenic drives in United States. Breathtaking!

The Most Embarrassing Dinner I Hosted. EVER.

The Most Embarrassing Dinner I Hosted. EVER.
yes, it happens

This was on 20th July 2012, one year back.  I knew a week ahead that I would be hosting a dinner at home that Friday.  Of all the recipes I had tried, failed, and succeeded at in the last two years, I planned a menu days beforehand for the special evening.  Because a very special couple (Bhaiya-Bhabhi) and their two kids were going to come over for dinner for the first time at our place.  But my high expectations from that dinner failed.  You know one of those days when you are running late, only then you find all red signals on the way?  It felt the same.  Though in my case, everything I did seemed to 'run over' a red signal.

Pani Puri Recipe | Indian Chaat | Street Food

To me, a trip to India is incomplete without Pani Puri, Pav Bhaji, and Paan.

Every time I visited India I ate my heart out – especially from the stalls, the roadside food, the chaat.  LOVEEEEEE it.  I don’t think there is any single person who does not like pani puri.  Please tell me if there is, I would like them to come see me.  I am serious.
Spusht | Pani Puri Recipe | Gol Gappe Indian Chaat
Pani Puri Recipe - Gol Gappe Indian Chaat

Capsicum and Corn Curry Recipe | Shimla Mirch aur Makai ki Sabzi

I made this Capsicum and Corn in Tomato Gravy last night for dinner.  The original recipe by Shobha Indani uses "malai" but I used regular whole milk instead.  Malai is clotted cream - the thick layer that forms on top of the milk after you boil it and let it cool.  A lot of gravy recipes using malai for the taste and texture can be substituted with heavy cream.
Capsicum and Corn in Tomato Gravy
Capsicum and Corn in Tomato Gravy
This Shimla Mirch aur Makai Sabzi recipe also suggests adding a few cubes of paneer if you wish.  So if you add heavy cream and paneer to this Corn and Capsicum dish, it qualifies as party food or the kind of sabzi you would cook for guests.

Aloo Baingan Recipe | Baigan Aloo Sabzi | Potato and Eggplant Stir Fry Recipe

Ever since I came from India last year, anytime I mention or hear "baingan" I remember the Hyderabadi slang "baigan mein mila diye" which if translated in English goes like "to mix something in an eggplant" but the slang actually means along the lines of 'ruining something'.  It's funny when someone with a proper Hyderabadi accent says it.

Anyway, the Aloo Baingan (Baingan Aloo; same thing) in this post has been the only dish that has been cooked the maximum number of times in my kitchen anytime I bring eggplants - whether the baby ones or the hulk ones.  I originally tried the Aloo Baingan recipe from Madhura's Kitchen where she uses ketchup and that seemed unusual but the dish did taste great.

Although the procedure to cook Aloo Baigan Sabzi does seem lengthy in this post, it is actually a simple sabzi and I hope after trying this you will not tell me that you 'baigan mein mila diye' ;-)

Spusht | Aloo Baingan ki Sabzi

Create Photo Index – Make Browsing Easier: Blogging Tip # 6

99% of you may not even have noticed - but last year I created a recipe index on a page.  What's the big deal, you ask?  The thing is, the index was not a huge LIST of boring, overflowing TEXT - it was PICTURES AND TEXT.  
how to create visual index on your blog
how to create visual index on your blog
The recipe index was the result of a reader’s suggestion.  In fact, a lot of changes on Spusht have been results of reader’s suggestions.

And the feedback that I received regarding my recipe index, or recipe photo archive as I named it:

eggless blueberry muffins | eggless recipe

I may have tested about six blueberry muffin recipes so far.  Some used all-purpose flour, some used whole wheat flour.  Some asked for half the amount of berries, some asked for quantity of berries equal to the flour.  Some turned out dense, some still tasted raw despite ten minutes past baking time. 
Spusht | Eggless blueberry muffin recipe
eggless blueberry muffin recipe