Sabudana Vada Recipe | Snack Idea

Sabudana Vada is one of those snacks that is fantastic to eat with afternoon tea, great to serve as a party appetizer, and wholesome for those who are fasting.
Sabudana Vada is one of those snacks that tastes the BEST when hot and fried just before serving, because reheating them in a toaster oven does not do them justice.
Sabudana Vada is one of those snacks that resonates Lays' slogan "no one can eat just one!"

Moong Dal Khasta Kachori Recipe | Snack Idea

Moong Dal (in Hindi) is the split skinned yellow mung.  Khasta (in Hindi) means crisp or flaky.  Kachori is a puffed-up fried snack: the dough made with flour is rolled out and filled with a spicy filling.  Hence, this is Moong Dal Khasta Kachori: crisp snack with a spicy yellow mung dal filling, and is also called as Moong Dal Kachori / Dal ki Kachori / Khasta Kachori.

Spusht | Moong Dal Kachori Recipe

The most popular kachori I know of and love are Moong Dal Kachori (yellow mung), Matar Kachori (green peas), and Pyaaz Kachori (onion).  In some parts of India, some type of kachoris are made flat and soft not crisp, and are meant to be eaten with a curry, especially a potato one called Aloo Dum.

The Moong Dal Khasta Kachori in this post is not that.

Scavenger Hunt Idea | How to Plan a Treasure Hunt for Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's

After I shared the treasure hunt surprise on Alok's birthday, I thought of following up with a post on how to plan a treasure hunt but never got to it.  Over the past year, I received several queries from readers for birthday scavenger hunt ideas and asking how to plan scavenger hunt clues.  While I replied to some individually, a recent email by a reader Dhiya finally encouraged me to write a post and make it easier for everyone.  This is going to be a long, LONG post but a helpful one for sure.

Scavenger hunt (aka treasure hunt) is so enjoyable, that you can plan this fun game for various occasions.  While I played the scavenger hunt on my husband's birthday, you can most definitely plan one for your anniversary or for Valentine's.  If you have kids, you can play a treasure hunt on your kid's birthday, either with only your child or along with your child's friends if you throw a party as such.

Eggless Chocolate Cupcakes (using butter) with Buttercream Frosting

Cupcakes are the in-thing these days; becoming much more popular than cakes.  People are preferring the small and pretty cupcake portions, individually decorated with different frosting or fondant toppers - for birthdays, baby showers, graduation parties, you name it.  And chocolate cupcakes, who doesn't love them?!

Good things come in small packages, a friend used to say.  So do these little cakes, these cupcakes.

Masala Mathri - flaky, crispy, spicy crackers | Tea Time Snack

A plain flaky mathri is undoubtedly timeless.  But sometimes, when you add some spices to the mathri it takes it to another level.  It’s so spicy and flavorful you don’t really need a pickle anymore.  Masala mathri, flaky, crispy, spicy cracker is a great tea-time snack.