food photography: small changes, small differences - by a Beginner, for the Beginner, part 3

You learn a little more each time you see gorgeous food photos, and you take a new step of improvement each time you click more food photos.  You try to do things better than the previous shot.  Some times, you make changes on your camera, some times you make changes to your set ups, and some times you make changes to your own position.

Here are some examples of how small changes in a setting, small changes in your angle, or small changes in the set up brings small differences in the photos.

Have you played "spot the differences" when you were kids?  I want you to do the same - look at each picture and comment below the one major difference you notice in each photo.

Spot the Difference # 1:
different background on the back - the change a print pattern makes

Spot the Difference # 2:
different white balance - camera setting

Spot the Difference # 3:
difference in props - addition of spoons and some color to the image

Spot the Difference # 4:
difference in saturation making a bland color look vibrant - camera setting

Spot the Difference # 5:
different background below - the change a colored background makes

Spot the Difference # 6:
different angle/position - how much of something you want visible
If you have finished playing the "spot the difference" game, the answers are hidden below each image.  Drag your mouse over the white area under the picture and you'll be able to read it!

Before you leave, tell me if this exercise or this post was helpful in getting the point across?  Or leave a suggestion, or some of the things you have learned over time.  But if you just write a meaningless "good post, interesting post" kind of comment - rest assured I will delete it.

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  1. this is such a useful post, dear... i'm having a small blog and seriously i'm struggling with my photographs, even though I use the DSLR most the time! do keep these coming... I guess it's more of the background and the color adjustments on the pics,...

    1. Thanks Rafeeda. Without understanding the camera and the concept of photography, even a fancy DSLR does not help - I realized this over a period of time. I hope my posts help you and me, simultaneously :)

  2. i have noticed that a lot of it has to do with natural light and composition in the photograph :)

    1. Try again! Roll over and uncover the hidden messages ;-)
      Thanks for the comment, Dixya


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