Failed Attempt: Aate ka Halwa - what to do?

How can anyone NOT get wheat flour halwa right?  Me.  It is highly possible with me.  Halvas and I don't go along well together.  I have at least abandoned Moong Dal Halwa for the rest of my life.  After 3 trials and failures at it, I think that halwa has tested my patience enough.
what to do if aate ka halwa does not turn out right?
But after making this aate ka halwa, instead of throwing it away I called my mom up and told her "something about this aate ke halwa does not feel right, it is kind of stretching, and is chewy, not halwa-like, I think I poured in milk before roasting the wheat flour properly, and I have already added sugar and almonds to it - what should I do now?"

She told me to add some more wheat flour to the ruined aate ka halwa that I have.  Try forming a paratha dough without adding water, add only if absolutely necessary.  Then divide the dough equally.
add wheat flour to halva, make dough, divide into balls
Roll out each dough ball like a paratha, the same diameter as a paratha.  Roast it both sides on a tawa (flat pan) applying ghee just like you would roast a paratha.
roll out the dough like you would a paratha and roast it with ghee like a paratha
And then enjoy the warm sweet parathas with sabji or curry.  

There you go.  No one will know the sweet paratha was a result of wheat-flour-halvah-gone-wrong.
sweet paratha made from wheat flour halwa
Your turn: What would you have done?
                      Tell me one dish you (almost?) screwed up and how (if?) you fixed it.
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  1. Hey this is a great idea to turn spoiled dish into something awesome.
    Good one.

  2. Thats a great tip!! Growing up I used to love cheeni wale paranthe with butter. These remind me of those!

  3. ha are so funny :-)
    I would have added some chopped nuts to it and microwaved for a couple of minutes. Try that next time if it happens.

  4. simply great... sweet thepla from atte ka halwa. u can also add little mashed banana and then make small gulgula from it .

  5. Thanks its really helpful. My halwa got spoiled yesterday. I will try it.


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