10LB (4.5KG) bag of carrots

I tried to deal with my "carrot situation".  Because each time I opened the refrigerator, this 10LB (4.5KG) bag of carrots stared at me squinting its eyes, and wondering what to do with me.  Oh wait, it was vice versa.

huge bag of carrots from Costco

So, apart from the carrot n' dip every day...

carrots and greek yogurt dip
I peeled and stored some carrots in a zip loc bag to juice on Sat & Sun mornings.  We made juice on weekends (because cleaning the juicer and all its parts everyday is a pain in the bum).  And since I am extremely lazy early mornings, having the peeled carrots ready to throw into the juicer helps.  Fresh, nutritious orange-carrot-celery juice with a hint of ginger.

fresh carrot, orange, and celery juice

Also made this carrot chutney.  One, you got to love the color.  Two, it is unique from the regular mint, coconut, or tamarind chutney.  I froze some chutney in the ice cube tray and stored in zip loc bags for future use.

carrot chutney

And then some carrot pickle.  Not the kinds that would last for months.  But a quick mix with the spices and oil, and the gajar ka achaar is ready to consume, best eaten within 3 days.  Enjoyed with the meal every day.

gajar ka achaar - carrot pickle

A small amount of carrot for a mixed vegetable fried rice does not exactly help finish up the carrots faster, but gave a shot at the fried rice with carrots too.  Dress up the plain boring white rice with some color, why not.

fried rice with carrots

Now, the first best way to use up a lot of carrots is of course to make fresh carrot juice.  The second best way is to make dense carrot pudding - the famous 'gajar ka halwa'.

gajar ka halwa - carrot pudding

I tried another sweet treat to do away with some of the carrots.  Eggless carrot cake, anyone?  I might have to start distributing carrot cakes around my apartment.  I just want to use up the carrots ASAP.  You understand my situation?

Of course carrots are good for eyes, high in Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and have many other nutrients.  And have turned us into rabbits.

But it has got me thinking - for the love of carrots, will I have to go through ALL these procedures again each month or should I find someone who can share half the bag of carrots with me?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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  1. wow!great carrot post.loved your idea and recipes..can also try my carrot and chili pickle if you wish :)


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