Taman Safari, Indonesia

My parents and I visited the Taman Safari in Cisarua-Bogor district in West Java.  On the way we bought a few bunches of carrots and bananas to feed animals.  First drove around the free range wildlife in our car for almost two hours, seeing the animals up close and feeding them.  Thousands of animals could be seen, living and walking around freely in their natural habitat.  The long drive in the safari park was great.  If I loved it so much, I can imagine how much more excited little children would be!

What I equally loved was the ambiance - broken statues, temple-style building, cave-like structure, driving through the water, and the well-maintained greenery.  You see, the environment they created makes the travel through the wildlife safari even more interesting.  Otherwise, you have seen plenty animals in life.  But the ambiance always takes the experience a level higher.
You spot the hippopotamus in picture above?  This is the guy we were feeding.  It was less of feeding and more of basketball, actually.  Hah.

Then we entered the main park.  Once we decided the shows we wanted to watch at the given timings, we visited the other attractions on the way.  There is SO much to do here; just not possible to see all of it within one day!  We missed taking the cable car (they call it Safari Sky Lift), and I recommend everyone to take a tour of the amusement park and safari park by the cable car the very first thing after you enter.  You get to enjoy the beautiful view as well as get an idea of the entire place.

There are lots of activities for kids: several rides, baby zoo, bird aviary, wildlife 'edutainment' presentations, and so forth.  There is a big water park too!  We did not have enough time, neither had we carried swimsuits with us.  But I saw many adults and children enjoying the water park even in the cold temperature!  Since the location is hilly, it is pretty chilly.
space shuttle, one of the many rides for children
Safari Water Park
Various Animals Presentation - absolutely for kids, boring for adults
The animal shows were great.  The elephant show at Safari World in Thailand had elephants standing in different poses, walking behind one another, playing football, etc.  But this one in Taman Safari, they had a story and theme, and elephants acted really well, I must say.  The dolphin show and the cowboy show was like any other - pretty similar to Safari World (Thailand).  But the tiger show was incredible; one of the trainers even lifted the immensely heavy tiger on his shoulders for a couple of seconds!  The Safari Theatre consisted of 30 minutes of magic shows, acrobats, and dances. 
Elephant Show
Cowboy Show
Dolphin Show
Safari Theatre
Tigers & Lions Show
The only show that blew my mind was the motorbike stunt show in Globe of Death.  I might have watched something this only on TV, but seeing the motorcyclists entering the globe and riding all around it without crashing into each other LIVE was unbelievable.  I was at the edge of my seat when the 4th guy entered, and all the four cyclists rode inside the globe in all directions possible.
Globe of Death - motorbike stunt show
Oh look.  I spotted a Taj Mahal!  It was home to white Bengal Tigers.  The small pond surrounding the white monument had the white tigers roaming within.  Keep walking around the whole park, there is so much to discover.

Verdict:  I have been to zoos in India in my childhood, visited Safari World numerous times in Bangkok, seen the Dallas Zoo in Texas, and the shows at Sea World in San Antonio.  So far, I feel Taman Safari in Indonesia has had the BEST open safari, activities, and shows.  There's an elephant trail, camping area, safari trek, and a lodge nearby as well.  Taman Safari - must visit.

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