Dunia Fantasi, Indonesia

In Hindi, 'dunia' (दुनिया) means world and 'fantasi' in English translates to fantasy.  That is exactly what this theme park is: Dunia Fantasi - Fantasy World.  Located at Ancol (pronounced: aan-chol) in Indonesia (about 1-2 hour drive from Jakarta), it is part of the Ancol Dreamland - which is a huge, huge, huge, huge place - a city in itself and a great family getaway.

Before entering Dunia Fantasi, the very first thing that we did (and you must too) do there is to take the cable car ride.  Looking from above, you get an idea of the attractions.

The entrance fee to Dunia Fantasi is 100,000IDR ($10) per person on weekends, cheaper on weekdays.
The entire theme park has been made very colorful and bright.  Altogether, I think there are over 40 rides for adults and children. The rides suitable for children are plenty.  The 3D penguin show that we lined up in queue for almost 40 minutes is more fitting for kids.  
Battery-operated bike - good for kids and oldies
carousel - good for kids & oldies
istana boneka - slow 'n sweet musical boat ride
And the rides ones for adults, oh man, are crazy.  I have not been to Six Flags, which I have heard have some crazy, scary rides.  But the vikings, roller coasters, and hurricane that I have enjoyed at Dream World and Siam Park (in Thailand) - which were scary enough - are in no comparison to the terrifying rides of Dunia Fantasi.  The thrilling Tornado that suspends you upside down in air, adrenaline-pumping Halilintar roller coaster that takes scary twists and turns, Kora-Kora that seems to make the viking/ship ride almost vertical, the gravity ride (went twice in it but forgot the name now) that goes up slow and falls down in a second, and so many more.  Definitely not for the faint hearted.

tornado - a crazy, crazy ride
Dufan: (Du)nia (Fan)tasi
Verdict:  There are amusement parks, markets, 'oceanarium', water adventures, beaches, rides, shows, resort, golf courses, and enough recreation to last 2-3 days in the entire Ancol Dreamland.  Dunia Fantasi is probably just 20% of the whole area.  And that is exactly why I am going to stay overnight the next time I go there, because the one day that we visited this amazing place was just. not. enough.
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  1. I would love to visit Indonesia...I hear it is a beautiful (and affordable) place.

    1. Hmmm, may be Bali is...not sure, didn't visit. But Jakarta was a crowded and expensive place.

  2. Damn, 100000 of their currency is $10 USD. Wow. That's a lot of cash to carry around. :-) Looks wonderful. I need to visit Asia aside from going to India every single time. :-)

    1. Yes, calculation was the craziest for me (hate math!), thankfully 100,000 was their largest denomination..


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