Chatuchak Market, Jatujak, JJ Market - same thing

Forget the shopping malls in bangkok, go to chatuchak market instead.

Bangkok's Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the biggest, largest, hugest, grandest weekend shopping markets in the world, comprising of more than 5,000 shops and stalls altogether.  If you plan a trip to Bangkok and if your vacation falls on one of the weekends, don't miss shopping here.  Chatuchak Market is THE place to go for some amazing variety of products and reasonably priced shopping in Bangkok.

Here is a virtual shopping treat for your eyes ...

Spusht | Chatuchak Weekend Market
Makes for great Thai souvenirs - cups, vases, etc

Spusht | Thai souvenirs | Things to buy from Thailand
Buddha in glass boxes, flower garlands

Spusht | Thai style royal showpieces | Shopping in Thailand
Thai-style showpieces

Spusht | Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, Thailand
Chinese Gods, maneki-neko lucky charm (Japanese cat figurine), etc...

Aroma candles and jars

Gorgeous artificial flowers, looking as real as real ones!

Spusht | Flower shops in Chatuchak Weekend Market - Bangkok, Thailand
More artificial flowers inside Chatuchak market

Spusht | Dinnerware and serveware at Jatujak Market, Bangkok
Dinnerware and serve ware

Spusht | Best places for shopping in Bangkok | Chatuchak weekend shopping
More dinnerware and serve ware - best place for cheap shopping in bangkok

earrings, bracelets, neck pieces, accessories

shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market
wind chimes

Nisha's recommendation: buy Thai silk cushion covers, mats, and tissue box covers from this guy.  he has good price, good variety, good designs, good quality, and gave me a good discount.
Spusht | Thai Silk Products | Thai Silk Shop | Shopping in Bangkok
Thai Silk products

Spusht | Clothes shopping at Chatuchak
clothes shopping at Chatuchak

more clothes shopping

Spusht | Largest shopping market in Bangkok
largest shopping market in Bangkok

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  1. Loved the collection of dinnerware... Nice clicks

  2. Their shops look so much cleaner than India.. more organized.

  3. I have never seen before. You havea great blog


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