Let the Q and A begin!

Since I mentioned last time I enjoyed reading search queries, I thought of following up with some examples from March 2012.  With the hope that you not only get entertained, but you and I also learn something new together.

Let the Q & A begin.

Search Query
My Response
13 Mar  09:47:29 PM
Ugong Norte, Quezon City, Philippines
my dosa came out like pancake
Dosa actually is a type of pancake/crepe, but I think you mean yours was small & thick?  Guess you can make Uttapam out of it instead, or the comments here by the experts would be helpful?
13 Mar  07:31:10 PM
Jamaica, New York, United States
what to do when your pan doesn’t make dosas
Throw it away, lol.  Just kidding.  You need a wide flat round skillet for dosa, despite that if your pan doesn’t obey you, then comments here may help.
14 Mar  05:20:24 AM
Perth, Australia
how to get green chili out of your eyes
Ouch.  Splash a lot of cold water?
14 Mar  10:03:53 AM
Perivale, Ealing, United Kingdom
rude charades ideas
I can bet this is a college student  :D
14 Mar  12:29:51 AM
Pune, Maharashtra, India
how to make bigger puran poli
Using bigger puran stuffing and bigger dough, and rolling it out bigger than usual…
14 Mar  09:10:35 PM
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
should milk be boiled to make curd in usa
Yes honey, milk should be boiled to make curd in any part of the world  :)
17 Mar 2012 01:32:13 AM
Sugar Land, Texas, United States
why my veg manchurian don't get brown colour
Hmm.  Guess you didn’t fry Manchurian balls enough.  Or if you mean for gravy, it gets its color from soya sauce + ketchup (color theory: black + red = brown)…
17 Mar 2012 06:45:18 AM
London, Ontario, Canada
can we put skimeed milk in rabri
Can, but wouldn’t recommend.  To thicken skimmed milk it might take hours.  Use whole milk instead to make rabri.
17 Mar 2012 02:37:40 PM
Dublin, Ireland
is paneer and ricotta cheese the same
Yep, just like gulab in Hindi and rose in English.
17 Mar 2012 04:59:32 PM
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
help my milk won't curdle
Add a little more citric acid, lemon juice, or vinegar after milk it hot, gently stir and wait couple of minutes.  If this doesn’t work then I don’t know what your milk is made of :-/
27 Mar 2012 04:30:11 PM
New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
ginger garlic paste color green is ok
Nope.  Garlic, chopped or paste, turns green after few hours in contact with air or even in refrigerator.  Green is not ok, put more salt and store in freezer.
28 Mar 2012 09:35:34 PM
Herndon, Virginia, United States
fenugreek face mask
Leaves or seeds?  In any case, I haven’t tried.  I’ve put sandalwood (chandan), basil (tulsi), chickpea flour (besan), fuller’s earth (multani mitti), fruits, vegetables and all types of face masks.  Haven’t heard of fenugreek.
28 Mar 2012 10:42:50 PM
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
why milk solid float in butter
If you’re referring to making ghee, foam floats and milk solids sink to the bottom.  If boiling milk, the thick layer of cream (malai) floats on milk.  But I don’t know of milk solid floating in butter (?) – may be something to do with density, like how oil floats over water.
29 Mar 2012 12:07:32 AM
New Delhi, Delhi, India
if we remove paneer from milk remaining part called as
The remaining greenish liquid?  Whey.
30 Mar 2012 09:02:02 AM
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
can eat maggi during pregnancy?
Hmmm.  I’m not sure, but if I were you, I’d rather eat nutritious food :)
29 Mar 2012 11:29:05 AM
Frisco, Texas, United States
eat buffet more money
Wow.  Where at?  ;)
30 Mar 2012 07:54:01 PM
Kingston, Saint Andrew, Jamaica
can we put yellow colour in rabdi
Absolutely.  Save up on saffron and use yellow color instead :D

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