Vermicelli Pudding - Seviyan ki Kheer

Like I explained the variable X and concept of basic kheer, here I’m using X = vermicelli to make Sevaiyan Kheer (Vermicelli Pudding).  This is a pretty simple dessert recipe.  Especially if someone’s coming over and you can’t think of any other sweet dish to make – you can easily depend on kheer.  And once you get the basic one right, you can definitely add other combinations to it.  Like Carrot-Vermicelli Pudding (Gajar-Sevai ki Kheer)?  Why not.

Here’s how I make this appetizing Vermicelli Pudding and this recipe should serve about 4-6 persons.

What you’ll need for Sevai ki Kheer:
1 tsp clarified butter (ghee)
½ cup vermicelli (semiyan)
3-4 cup milk
½ cup sugar [adjust to taste]
½ tsp cardamom (elaichi) powder
4-5 strands saffron
2 Tbsp your choice of nuts, sliced/chopped/crushed

Let’s Begin!

1.  Heat ghee in pan; add vermicelli and sauté for couple of minutes on medium heat until it turns lightly golden.  Don’t let it burn.
2.  Add milk & cook stirring occasionally until vermicelli almost doubles or triples in size.  This makes a creamier pudding, but there’s a variation:  you could add 1 cup water instead until vermicelli doubles, then add 2-3 cup milk and continue to cook until one boil.
3.  Add more milk in case your pudding is becoming too thick, because Seviyan Kheer is supposed to be runny, not thick like halwa.  
4.  Lastly add sugar + cardamom powder + saffron + nuts.  Keep some nuts for garnish.  I used sliced pistachios and sliced almonds.  You could also roast almonds beforehand if you want slight crunch.
5.  Mix all well & cook for couple of minutes more.  Sevaiyan Kheer is ready – best eaten warm.

You could add cashew nuts and raisins too/instead of pistachios and almonds.  In fact, nuts are optional but enhance any kheer.  Besides, as a garnish they make the kheer stand out.  I personally love anything with nuts - ice cream, naan, raita, you name it!


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  1. Delicious sevaiyan kheer and awesome clicks..

  2. This really looks amazing...and the fact that it appears to be foolproof is perfect for me!

    Hope you are having a great weekend my friend...

    1. Oh sure, there's no way to ruin this dish! :D

  3. What beautiful clicks, love those tall glasses..

  4. very neatly this simple kheer any day

  5. Beautiful clicks and kheer..Lovely.

  6. Awesome presentation and delicious kheer..loved it!!

  7. I love kheer in any form, rice, vermicelli, carrot, lauki.. But my hubby isn't a big fan.. So, I haven't made it in a while. Your pictures are tempting me and seems I have to cook it for myself..

    1. Saw your rice kheer today, you finally made it! :)

  8. beautiful arrangement. i love those martini glasses. how cute? and the fact you didn't use a ton of fat. love it.

  9. Love the presentation .. very classy :) I love kheer in any form and this sounds yummy.. plus looks perfect .. neither soggy nor too runny!

  10. B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L! Lovely presentation and what a fun blog!

  11. love the presentation.. those glasses look pretty!

    1. Thanks, Richa!
      And since everyone's praising the glasses, they're from IKEA :D

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