Rajasthani Teej Dalia Sattu | Teej Pinda

There are various types of Sattu made from rice flour, chickpea flour, wheat flour, and split roasted gram dal for the festival of Teej.

This is a simple and quick recipe of making Saatu for Teej using Split Dalia (aka Phutaani Daal).  The same recipe can be used to make Dalia Ke Laddoo as well.

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Spusht | Saatu for Rajasthani festival Teej
Saatu for Rajasthani festival Teej
The quantities used here are for a small batch, but you may multiply each item if you would like to make larger amount.

You'll need:
1 cup powdered split dalia
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup melted ghee
1 tsp cardamom powder
Almonds, Pistachios, Cashew nuts, Cloves, or your choice of items for decorating

1)  If you already have powdered dalia &and powdered sugar at home, go ahead with Step 2.  Otherwise, grind the split dalia and regular cane/granulated sugar individually in your grinder to a fine powder and then use the required quantities as stated in the recipe.

split dalia aka phutani dal or futaani dal for dalia ka sattu
split dalia (phutani dal / futaani dal) for dalia ka sattu
2)  Here I have everything ready:  Powdered dalia, powdered sugar, cashews & almonds, melted ghee, and cardamom powder.  I slide the chopstick over measuring cup and measuring spoon for exact measurements of dry ingredients.  I am using twice the quantities of each to make larger amount.

ready with ground split dalia, powdered sugar, melted ghee, cardamom powder, cashews and almonds

3)  Now mix the dalia powder, cardamom powder, and powdered sugar well using fingers.

Spusht | teej sattu recipe

4)  Once mixed well, add warm ghee, 1 Tbsp at a time, and mix well rubbing with fingers until you are able to almost form a dough.  You might not use up all the ghee, OR, more than 1/2 cup ghee may be required for this batch - depending on your dalia powder and sugar quality.  But overall, you want to avoid adding too much ghee at once.  It's the key to getting good consistency of saatu/laddoo.

how to make teej ka pinda

5) One recommendation is to try making one small laddoo midway through the process, and then slowly separating into two pieces from the center.  This way, you can check 2 things:

     a) smoothness of laddoo while rolling it into a ball as well as from the outside,
     b) whether it is separating easily without breaking into pieces/crumbs.

This way you can decide how much more warm ghee to be added.
Once you are ready, you can give it a shape of your choice:  make it a ball for laddoo, make it as a small patty, set the mixture in a small or big plate by tapping it with palms until smooth.

Spusht | how to make saatu for teej
making saatu for teej

6)  Now you may decorate it as you wish!  I made these for Teej 2011.  You may take some ideas from these and make yours nice & creative next year  :-)

Spusht | Phutani Dal ka Sattu for Marwadi Festival Teej
Phutani Dal ka Sattu for Rajasthani/Marwadi Festival Teej
NOTE: This creative work is a copyright of Spusht.  You do not have to rights to imitate the design just to upload the same thing on your blog/site.  Give the credits, link back.

This is how it should look like after sliced.  Smooooooth  :-)

saatu for teej

  • Tip:   It is best to decorate the sattu with dry fruits while it is still warm so they can be easily placed and pressed.  Doing this the next day is difficult, but not impossible, don't worry.
  • Note:  If you are fasting on Teej, do NOT taste the mixture while making.  The recipe given is perfect for a smooth, soft, and sufficiently sweet saatu/laddoo if made correctly, so don't worry  :-)
And hey, this sweet is not limited to only Teej.  You may enjoy it any time!

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  1. shold i make laddo without any fry of dalia

    1. You don't have to fry dalia to make this laddoo - is that what you're asking?
      Just grind dalia to powder & follow the rest of the recipe :)

  2. Hey! Thank you ..looked around and was hard to find receipe for Saatu.This is really very simple and easy!...I have always been very dependant on my mom to send me Saatu here in US for every Teej..This year she has some urgent travel plans and I convinced her that I will make some..All Thanks to you!

    1. You made me happy with your comment, Deepa. I love to hear back when something I shared was helpful to someone. Share a picture of your saatu after you make, I'd like to see! Happy Teej :)

  3. Is it normal wheat dalia? And should I roast it before grinding?

    1. No, this is not wheat (gehu) nor broken wheat. This split dalia is also called as futaani dal. Look out for the dalia as shown in the packet in picture under step 1.

      And you may or may not roast dalia before grinding. Besan & aate ka sattu requires roasting the flour, but for dalia it's optional. Some people like it when it's roasted. Hope that helps! :)

  4. taht dalia looks chana dall.. i was under the impression that dalia is broken wheat... Futaani dall.. will hav eto google that too... not heard..ok.. i just checked.. is is teh spilt chana dal..
    ur design is simple and nice.. looks grt nisha

    1. yes, split dalia/split chana dal/phutane dal/futaani dal is same thing.
      and thanks renu!

  5. hey neesha thanks a lot!!! i was always the one who decorated pindas. now will actually make everything.

  6. thanks a lot neesha. i was always the one who decorated pindaas. now i can actually make everything.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Dr. Dhiraj & Madhuri! Have fun decorating :)

  7. nisha thats for the recipie. how did you do the design in red?

    1. With kuku / kum kum / kanku / vermillion powder (however you call it) mixed with a few drops of water ... using toothpick :)

  8. I noticed in step one of the recipe that you said "Blend split dalia and cane sugar at home in your blender to a fine powder" but you don't mention cane sugar in the ingredients or how much cane sugar. How much cane sugar do you use to blend with the split dalia?

    1. Thanks for pointing that out! If you already have powdered sugar, you can go ahead & use that. Otherwise what I meant was that you can grind regular cane/granulated sugar to powdered form & use 1/2 cup of it. Don't grind sugar + dalia together...grind & keep them separately as seen in Step 2. I must update the post to make it more clear, thanks :)

  9. can u tell what are the colors used for this decoration...do we need to mix eatable color with something to make designs. it will be great if you can sahre mopre info on this...these decorations are nice...

    1. Hi. I simply used kuku/kanku mixed in few drops of water. This is how most of the pinda decoration has been done since generations, but these days the kuku/kanku powder is made with several chemicals and not safely edible. So I would recommend you to use edible color gel (from Wilton, etc) for your pinda decoration.

    2. thanks a lot

  10. Hey Nisha.... can we add 2 different flour to make 1 pinda / sattu?


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