Solutions for Search Queries – Blogging Tip # 7

Last year after I mentioned about search queries and referrals, I followed up with few search query examples.

From the thousands of other search queries in my database since I started this blog, here are some exclusive ones I picked from my Google Analytics for some learning and a little entertainment.  Some search queries are interesting, some funny, some possible doubts that beginners could have in kitchen, some really good questions, and some are … just out of the blue!

In any case, I enjoy reading the questions people around the world have.  It gives you so many ideas of what so many people out there want to know and what you can help them with as a blogger.

From the first-half of the year 2012:

Search Queries
My Response
“about garlic and genger not past green how can i do”
Hmm.  I’ll have to think long and hard on this.
“all you can eat appetite”
Oh yeah, I have one too :D
“aloo paratha recipe how to keep feeling inside”
Er … never tried ;)  Anyway, to keep the filling inside, paratha dough should be a bit soft-yet-firm & take the stuffing a bit smaller than dough ball so it doesn’t ooze out of the dough.
“best materials against oil”
Hmmmmmmm.  Someone else might be able to help.
“brain teaser iiii oog i 14 c brain”
This sure is a brain teaser for me...
“can curd be used in place of yogurt in facial masks?”
If you mean using plain curd instead of strawberry yogurt, then yes.  Besides that, curd and yogurt is the same thing.
“can we make khandavi dosa”
That sounds pretty interesting, if you can spread khandvi that quickly!
“curd top layer milk below”
Umm ... that would be curd floating over milk!?  Not possible, I think.
“do pinda's make your but bigger?”
I don’t know if pinda’s or any sweets, desserts, or bakes make the butt bigger, but they do affect the belly and thighs! :D
“does rabri go well with cake”
Like the warm vanilla sauce with caramel pudding?  I think Rabri might make cake soggy.  And eating them together still doesn’t sound right to me.
“why is my pooran poli thick”
Hmmmmm.  You may have roasted puran too long so it dried up until reaching room temperature, or your dough was not soft, or when you shallow-fried it you pressed too much both sides...or you did not roll out thin.
“how can i make curd if no curd is at home” & “how to prepare curd without curd in us”
This is the MOST popular question.  Buy a curd starter packet, borrow a spoonful from the neighbor, or buy curd from the store for once to begin with.
“how curd is used for yogurt”  &  “what is better yogurt or curd”  &  “what is plain dahi”
“how to make condensed milk from regular milk “in microwave”
I don’t know if that’s possible at home.  Someone else might know.
“how to make crispy cauliflower fritters”
With the batter right consistency (not too watery, neither too thick) and frying on medium heat.  Breadcrumbs, cornstarch, and rice flour also help make fritters crispy.
“how to make excellent paneer at home”
This just made me smile  :) and THIS just might help :)
“how to open swad ghee bottle”
Umm … rotate lid counterclockwise?
“how to reuse palak paneer”
Interesting question.  Guess you can mix with cooked rice, or mash paneer and use as paratha stuffing, or roll it inisde a roti like a frankie?
“how to stop music for pass the parcel without a person”
Using a remote?
“how to tell if vegan cake is done”
To tell if any cake is done, poke a toothpick in the center all the way down.  If it comes out clean, cake is done.
“items to be done with besan flour”  &  “what to make with chickpea flour”
Interesting questions.  Guess you can make pitla, pakoras, chilada?
“pass the parcel song stops on its own”
Somethin' fishy.
“pictures of stoned people”
I’d love to see some too :D
“sago need to drain off water”
Yes you need to, else sago will become soggy and sticky, whether in sabudana khichdi or vada.
“what are the other alternative for more water in puran poli”
Hmmmm.  You can put other kinds of liquids, for example the drained water from chana dal.
“what else can i make from moong”
Good question.  Moong sprouts, moong ki dal, chawal-moong khichdi, moong dal paratha, moong dal kachori.  But depends; there’s yellow and green, whole and split - moong dals.
“what if you don't soak tapioca”
Hmmmm.  Then a) it may not double in size if you don't soak & drain tapioca, b) it will be too hard to chew.
“what is chhena”
Chhena is fresh, raw paneer that has not been shaped and cut into pieces
“what is meant by grated sweet potatoes in kheer”
Er … Grate sweet potatoes (shakarkandi/yam) using a grater and then cook to make sweet potato kheer?
“what kind of sabudana should be used to make sabudhana kichdi”
The dry white pearl-like small round beads also called as sago or tapioca in English
“what to do if khandvi became bad”
Hmmm.  Use only that part of the batter that’s good enough to spread.  And instead of spreading the khandvi batter in a thin layer, spread it thick and cut it like a barfi.  Add the tempering same as you'd do for khandvi rolls.
“what to do if puran is too soft for puranpoli”
Hmmmm.  Add a little more pressure cooked & ground chana dal and some sugar.  Or cook the puran for a little longer.
“what to do with greek yogurt”
Interesting.  You can add some chopped veggies and spices, and use Greek yogurt as a dip or sandwich spread, make cheesecake or Shrikhand, add some herbs and veggies to make seasoned yogurt, or substitute it for sour cream on the side.
“which is better for skin-milk or curd?”
I think both are good, depending on skin type and what you want to use it for.  To clean face, I use milk (skim, 2%, whole - whichever) with cotton.  To put as face mask, sometimes I use curd mixed with chickpea flour, honey, lemon, and turmeric powder.
“which items can be added to make thick milk to make instant rabdi”
Interesting.  Cornstarch, milk powder, condensed milk, and pieces of white bread churned are the only options I can think of.
what indian dish is made with mashed potatoes and and paneer
Oooo.  Some kind of potato-paneer patties?  Or Aloo kofta with paneer stuffing?  Hmm, interesting.  May be I'll cook something with this combination.

And this, my friends, is your blogging tip # 7.

Try to understand what the common man out there could be searching for (unless you are one of those silly bloggers who blogs only to receive ridiculous comments).  Try to figure out what questions do the common people out there want solutions to?  Then direct those topics in your blog posts.  You will not only see your blog traffic going up, you will also actually be helping people out (IF this is your purpose for blogging).

And if you are running out of ideas to blog about, can't think of topics to write your next blog post on, or need great blog topics if you're going through writer's block - this blogging tip # 7 is my bonus prescription for you.

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If this post helped you and if you will apply this blogging tip in future on your blog - leave me a comment to tell me about it (it will make me feel proud to know this post was worth my time).  If you find this tip and this blog useful - share the link with people in your network to let them know too (it will make me happy!).
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