Koko – Kokonut Muffins - what?

On the lookout for eggless muffin recipes, I have come across over 30 combinations and variations, amazing really.  Though I haven’t understood the difference between muffins and cupcakes (except that the latter is decorated) – I have realized there’s so much more variety to muffins than just vanilla, banana, carrot, and chocolate that I had mostly known earlier.

chocolate and coconut muffins
Like how adding coconut here gave the muffin a wonderful aroma and taste along with the chocolate.  I think roasted or baked coconut flakes have become my second favorite aroma after vanilla.  Originally called Chocolate-Coconut Muffins, I’m renaming them as Koko-Kokonut (Cocoa–Coconut) muffins.  Eggless and vegan.

What you’ll need:
What you’ll do:
1 ½ cup flour
Preheat oven to 180oC (350oF).  Grease muffin cups or place liners.
1.  In a medium bowl combine dry ingredients: flour + sugar + cocoa powder + baking powder + salt + cinnamon.
2.  Add the wet ingredients: water + vinegar + vanilla extract + oil.
3.  Mix till just combined, thick batter but of dropping consistency.
4.  Fold in the coconut flakes.
5.  Spoon mixture into prepared muffin cups.  Bake 30-35 minutes.  Toothpick inserted in the center should come out clean when they’re done.
1 cup sugar*
3 Tbsp cocoa powder*
2 tsp baking powder
tsp salt
tsp cinnamon
1 cup coconut flakes
1 ½ cup water
1 Tbsp vinegar
¼ cup oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
how to make eggless muffins

Though these turned out good, I felt the muffins were too sweet and had quite strong cocoa flavor, so I think reducing to ¾ cup sugar and 2-2½ Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder would be a good idea.  Then again, it’s up to your preference.

I did not put the white coconut glaze and chocolate glaze as in the original recipe.

eggless muffin recipe with chocolate and coconut

Very simple and straightforward recipe.  Just how Spusht likes it  :-)

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  1. looks wonderful deliciously done

  2. Does the vinegar somehow replace the eggs? How intriguing! This looks really delicious.

    1. Thanks, and yes. Plain soda water, even sodas like pepsi/sprite/fanta, and vinegar - all these react with baking soda/powder and somewhat do the egg's job :D

  3. Bookmarking this dear. Sounds easy n yummy

  4. Love it dear. Just love it. Bookmarking


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