Creative Title Ideas from a Techie Hubby?

You know how sometimes you need a second opinion on something, and you ask your husband for suggestions?

I have learned my lesson to never ask my techie-nerdy hubby for ideas again, at least in the creative field.  Like, ever.

1st March 2012
Me: suggest me a title for my write-up, something catchy.  like, how’s "My Old-fashioned Calendar"?
Hubby: no, i didn’t like it, some thing else
Me: hmmmm you suggest please.
Hubby: i don’t know, need to think.  How about “time is money, money is time”?
Me: hmmmmmmmm NO.  Another.
Hubby: haha, then you think and write, I need time to think.
Me: i guess this one summarizes the article well: "The Not-Smartphone Calendar in My Life"?
Hubby: umm.. you dont want to write against on-going trend, in my opinion.
Me:  i'm not going against trend ... just telling what my style is ..
Hubby:  How about “Time is precious! Importance of calendar”?
Me: nooo .... i'm not trying to preach!
Hubby: ok, I don’t know then.
Me:  forget it.

14th March 2012
Me:  look at this post and suggest me a title.  I’m thinking “Why buy when you can make at home?”
Hubby:  hmmm no, not interesting.
Me:  ok, your turn.
Hubby:  how’s “make-it-yourself powders”..?
Me:  no, doesn’t make sense.
Hubby:  then, “make-it-yourself, it's easy!” …?
Me:  hmmmm “DIY Homemade Powders”?
Hubby:  what’s that?  die making powders?
Me:  no crazy, D-I-Y means Do-It-Yourself.
Hubby:  people like me won’t know what’s die (DIY!).  how about “Home-made, Heaven-made!”
Me:  what the hell is heaven about this???
Hubby:  all these are made at home, and home is heaven, that’s why it’s heaven-made.
Me:  oh my god, forget it.

Actually you know what, I’m changing my mind.  I will ask his suggestions next time, in fact, each time.  May be not for ideas, but at least for the entertainment  ;-)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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