Beverage: Watermelon Chiller

I needed a cool drink to beat the summer heat and found this cool watermelon drink in Shobha Indani’s book ‘Swad Sugandh’.  This Watermelon Chiller recipe serves 6.

What you’ll need for watermelon chiller:
1 Small Muskmelon (optional)
1 Medium Watermelon
10-12 Fresh Strawberries
Sugar, Salt, White Pepper Powder
Chat Masala

Let's Begin! 
1.       Cut muskmelon in 2 halves, remove seeds, using a scooper take out small scoops of melon & keep aside. [This is optional; you can simply use chopped watermelon pieces instead.]
2.      Cut watermelon pieces, churn in blender & strain to get watermelon juice.  [I think 4 cups of watermelon pieces should give about 2 cups juice & 1 cup pulp.]  Discard pulp. 
3.      Churn strawberries in blender to get smooth purée or use strawberry crush.  Then add watermelon juice to it along with white pepper powder, salt, sugar, chat masala, and enough ice, blend well until a semi-slush texture.  [Else, you can just put crushed ice in glass & then add the mixed juice on it, simpler & liquid version.]
4.      For a fancy garnish: spread a thin layer of sugar on a plate (add color drops in sugar & mix in for a nice effect).  Then apply some water/lemon juice with finger on the rim of the glass.  Invert the glass on the sugar plate to coat the rim with sugar, insert a watermelon wedge on the rim, put muskmelon scoops [optional] in glass, pour the watermelon slush/juice on it & enjoy.

-         You may use lemon/lime zest in the drink for a lemony flavor, or mint leaves for a stronger flavor; then can also add a slice/wedge of lemon or mint leaves for garnish.
-         You may also add any other juice (eg. Orange) or ginger ale and experiment!
-         Or add a splash of Vodka to the drink and name it Watermelon Killer Chiller! ;-)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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