Layered Vanilla and Chocolate Pudding | Eggless Dessert

You can easily make some desserts at home look SO good, it will almost make people think they're bought from a bakery.  For example, this kind of a eggless pudding in layers served in a shot glass.  There are different combinations and numbers of layers you can make with this chocolate and vanilla pudding.  I have previously posted a variation to the eggless chocolate and vanilla layered pudding.

Spusht | Vanilla and Chocolate Pudding Layer Dessert
To make the layered vanilla and chocolate pudding, you have to first decide two things: 
First Decision – what kind of layers you want in your pudding and what is the size of your serving container?  By all means you can choose to make more than four layers if you are up for it, but I prefer to limit it to three.  Your layer options are:

And you get the idea, right?  Either go from vanilla to chocolate (that’s light to dark color) or dark to light color.  Place vanilla between the difference chocolate colors, or a layer sandwiched between two same colors.  My personal preference is to have the dark chocolate layer on the top.  The light chocolate layer with a hint of coffee flavor also tastes great.

Spusht | Homemade Chocolate Vanilla Layered Pudding Dessert Recipe

Second Decision – what garnish do you want to put and how much do you want to fill your serving container (let’s say you are serving in small individual glasses)?  If you are going to fill the pudding until the brim of the glass but want to garnish with chocolate sauce or whipped cream, it will flow down the sides of your glass.  But if you just want to place chocolate shavings or sprinkle powdered sugar, then filling all the way until the top works.
Spusht | Eggless Layered Pudding Dessert Idea

So, first – whichever layer option you choose, start making each pudding layer one at a time.  Let’s say if you choose option 3, top-down: dark chocolate, light chocolate, and vanilla layer.  In that case,

Step 1) Start with Vanilla Layer: Use the same eggless vanilla pudding recipe, cook continuously until thickens, sieve if needed to discard lumps, pour vanilla pudding into wet serving glasses dividing equally, cover with cling wrap, refrigerate for 1 hour.

Step 2) After 1 hour, make the Light Chocolate Layer: Proceed just the way you’d make this chocolate pudding recipe but using 1 Tbsp cocoa powder OR 2 Tbsp chopped chocolate, whichever method you decide to make (and optional - add a little instant coffee for the coffee flavor and light brown color), cook continuously until thickens, sieve if needed to discard lumps, pour the warm light colored chocolate pudding onto the cool vanilla pudding layer dividing equally among the glasses, cover again with cling wrap, refrigerate for another hour.
Spusht | Eggless Chocolate and Vanilla Pudding Dessert

Step 3) After 1 hour, make the Dark Chocolate Layer: Similarly, use 2 Tbsp of cocoa powder OR 2 Tbsp chopped chocolate in the chocolate pudding recipe mixture, cook continuously until thickens, sieve if needed to discard lumps, pour the warm dark colored chocolate pudding onto the cool light colored chocolate pudding layer dividing equally among the glasses – deciding whether to fill up to the brim or leave some space for garnish – then cover the glass again with cling wrap touching the pudding so that a skin does not form on top, and let the layered pudding chill in the refrigerator for minimum 4 hours and maximum 2-3 days.
Spusht | Easy make ahead party dessert pudding idea

Feel free to increase the cocoa powder OR chopped chocolate by 1-2 Tbsp for each layer if you want prominently darker layers.  If you are not hesitant to use cornstarch in your food intake as I am, feel free to also increase the amount of cornstarch in each pudding recipe to 2 Tbsp.  If you increase cornstarch, you will have to stir the pudding for a lesser amount of time as it will thicken faster, and you will get a clean wobbly pudding as you scoop it out with your spoon.

This layered chocolate and vanilla pudding does require planning and patience. But sometimes to impress your guests, you do need to put in a little effort.  It is absolutely worth the admiration you receive from friends.  Or for your personal satisfaction.
Spusht | Eggless Chocolate and Vanilla Layered Pudding using Cornstarch

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  1. Love to try it .Such a delicious yummy pudding.

  2. What a lovely dessert, beautiful presentation and gorgeous clicks. Absolutlet loved reading the whole post and as your blog name suggests, it was definitely spusht :)

    1. Thanks Manju, I really appreciate your comment!

  3. That's a gorgeous way of presenting a simple recipe....very yum and simple in it...

  4. Very attractive and gorgeous dessert,absolutely divine.

  5. My lil one had to pick out a recipe for her HW and I suggested this.... Did it all on her own, had to improvise with hot chocolate mix as there was no cocoa at home, but turned out great

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know. If you've clicked a picture, please share with me on my Facebook page. And tell your lil one I said "good job!!" :)


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