Chocolate and Vanilla Eggless Pudding Layer Recipe | Make-Ahead Party Dessert Recipe Ideas

Making the eggless vanilla pudding as I have shown earlier is simple, making the eggless chocolate pudding posted previously is easy too.  And to make these chocolate and vanilla pudding layer here – you only have to put them together in layers.  This method does take a little more time and patience, but it is well worth the effort in the end.

Spusht | Chocolate and Vanilla Eggless Pudding Layered Dessert
To make the vanilla and chocolate pudding, follow the recipe from here for eggless vanilla pudding and here for eggless chocolate pudding.

Spusht | Homemade Chocolate Pudding Cornstarch and Cocoa Recipe

Here's what I do:
1. Have everything mis en place,
2. mix the dry ingredients in separate pans for chocolate and vanilla,
3. mix milk in both pans,
4. heat first pan for the first layer of pudding,
5. add the first layer of pudding in wet glasses and refrigerate glasses for an hour.
Then heat up the second layer of pudding to add to the glasses.  Then after another hour, another layer (if you wish).  The procedures are explained well in those two posts.

Spusht | Layered Pudding Dessert Recipe

Past few months that I hosted a dinner get-together at my place, I served the chocolate and vanilla pudding layers as dessert.  First, because of the layered presentation I always received a “wow”, then my guests liked the small individual portions, and after eating they have praised how this eggless pudding is a wonderful light dessert after a heavy meal.

Spusht | Layered Vanilla and Chocolate Pudding

The best part is – if you want to serve this eggless chocolate and vanilla layered pudding to your guests, you can make it one day before your lunch or dinner party.  And a better than the best part?  You can make it even two days in advance, so that you can focus on cooking other parts of the meal.  This makes the layered pudding a perfect make ahead party dessert.
Spusht | Recipe for Chocolate and Vanilla Pudding Layers

I am going to show you another style of making a layered vanilla and chocolate pudding...soon!
Until then, enjoy.
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  2. stunning clicks... the pudding looks really yum...

  3. Anytime, I can prep ahead for a party, it's a nice thing. I really like the layered look here.

  4. Such an elegant dessert, wonderfully layered pudding.

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  6. Pudding looks beautiful, delicious and tempting!


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