failed attempt: chocolate chip cookies - what to do?

This was in 2012 when I was testing and trying various chocolate chip recipes with substitutions for eggs in the recipe using flax meal, banana puree, milk, applesauce, yogurt, and so on.  Trials and errors help us understand the concepts better.  Experiments from my Electronics and Chemistry labs in university taught me at least this, if nothing else.

A solution in chemistry lab may blow up, or a transformer in the Electronics lab may fuse.  While those reach to the point of no return, some failed experiments in the kitchen can still be rescued.  For example, these chocolate chip cookies that had too much of the egg substitute and turned out all crumbly.

"Oh, what do I do now?",  I began to think as usual before throwing the food away.  The cookies tasted perfectly fine and baked well.  But they just dropped like loose change when picked up.  Higher liquid content causes the cookies to fall flat, spread, become thin, soft, and crumbly.

Ummm. How about forming a ball out of these cookies since they have become so soft?  Or may be I can add these brittle chocolate chip cookies in vanilla ice cream?  I had used milk as the egg substitute and had a gallon of milk left.  May be I can churn these cookies with milk in the blender?

So that's what I did.  And I made this Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake.  Removed a piece of chocolate chip from the cookie and let it float over the milkshake as a garnish.  These eggless chocolate chip cookies that I made had butter, hence the buttery taste was a little obvious.  But this Cookie Milkshake tasted good, nonetheless.  Of course, right?  Or it would not have made it to this blog.

The point is - if you go through a recipe-gone-wrong kind of situation, think about some possibilities of reusing the food or adding it into something else instead of trashing it.  You might just invent something good.

Unless it is a total disaster.  Then no one can save it :D
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  1. Thats a brilliant idea, love the way you finished those failed cookies as an interesting drink.


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