what my blogging has done to my husband

When the blogging bug bit me two years back, it came with a baggage of boons and banes for both my husband and I.

While blogging made me cook more variety of dishes ... it spoiled Alok for choices, starting to think of himself as a king who would have a feast and enjoy watching TV, leaving the food right there in front of him.
April 2012

While blogging sometimes exhausted me when I tested various recipes ... it ended up making us order pizza for dinner on few days, after which he would continue watching TV while I edited the photos for my next post.
May 2012

While blogging made me a better writer ... it made Alok spend time on his gadgets away in the room because I wanted silence in the living room to write the next post.
June 2012

While blogging taught me new photography skills and improved the way I clicked photos ... it made Alok shy away from camera at the slightest sound of a click, for the fear of me using him and his photos as fodder for my blog.
July 2012

While blogging made me learn to use social media more effectively ... it made him watch movies on TV alone because I had to comment on other blogs and reply to the ones on my own.
August 2012

While blogging made me better at baking ... it made him pass time aimlessly on laptop after dinner until I could spend time with him after I finished baking and photographing.
Jan 2013

While blogging brought me popularity ... it made him lonely because I was busy finding solutions to fix bugs, searching for Photoshop tutorials, and adjusting templates.
Feb 2013

While blogging made me learn to multitask ... it made him think I was like the Indian Goddess with ten hands so he'd rather play games on his laptop than help me with anything at all.
March 2013

While my blog became my baby ... it made him make the laptop his wife ... while I took care of my virtual blogspot baby, he spent his time with his iMac wife.
April 2013

While blogging came with a humongous amount of dishes for me to wash ... it made him indifferent to sharing the chores and choosing to continue playing with his phone AND watching TV at the same time.
May 2013

This retrospection of my blogging journey made me realize what my blogging has done to my husband.  I told you - blogging comes with a baggage of boons and banes.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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  1. oops... i think ur hubby needs more of you...blogging can be don eon a weekly basis may be..or develop a schedule may be.. :).. i am trying to develop a schedule.. still working on it... have very less time for blogging due to my little shanaya:)

    1. Yes Renu, my hubby has complained past two years and it is high time I started a schedule and divide the hours of my day sensibly. :)

  2. Haha... Likd ths post... Ths s one reason y i ws away frm blogging fr 2-3 mnths n between.. i cud feel the distance between me n my kids

    1. Good thing, Hasna. The only time I was away for 3 months was when I was on vacation last year. It does help to take a break.

  3. hahaha! This is funny.. and story of most of our lives. In my case, the aversion to being in front of the camera happened to V. He would rather be holding the camera than being in front of it. It requires a lot of discipline to not let blogging affect your real life. I think I am finally able to work around it..or so I think ;-)

    1. There is always something in what you write that is dead-on for a quote!
      "It requires a lot of discipline to not let blogging affect your real life." – YEPPPP. :)

  4. He he... Nisha, I am wondering how did you manage to take all these pictures of him, while is sitting all sweetly and posing in a candid way ;)

    Story of every food blogger, no! :)

    1. Nupur, I either use the 200mm zoom lens, or since I am anyway taking food photos (and he couldn't care less) he doesn't realize when the camera is facing him. But yes, once he hears the click he starts hiding his face like the pillow photo you see :D

  5. Hey Nisha, Look what happens to a husband when his wife tries to become a good blogger!! Well I am sure this blogging and cooking has not affected your life in any way. I read all your blogs religiously (no wonder!!!). I love the way you try different recipes and methods to cook. I wish you all the very best!!

    1. Oh Atul Masaji it feels GREAT to read your comment!!
      I must say blogging has affected my life in both good and bad ways. The good ways, everyone knows. The negatives - little time spent with Alok, going outdoors has reduced, lesser time to read books, etc.
      But thanks for reading my blog, for writing to me, and for your best wishes!!

  6. haha, thats soo funny, even my H also acts as same yours..

  7. the story of every food blogger indeed nisha ! the solution is to schedule time and stick to it, but sadly that never happens (gee)

  8. Its one of the cutest posts I have read in the longest time! :-) I have cut down my blogging in the last one year. I knew of a time when i was so obsessed and started neglecting other priorities. Its nice that blogging gives us that space to be ourselves and acts like a creative outlet. Over time, I have come to believe, a balance has to be struck. So from blogging 3 or 4 times a week, I took to blogging only once a week or once in two weeks.


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