new year

I returned from a long vacation.  Visited my family in Indonesia and Thailand, and the in-laws in India.  Can't exactly call the latter a vacation.  But I was gone for a good 3.5 months from September to December.
And then I started my new year in still-a-new-place-to-me since I flew to Asia soon after we moved from Texas.  And instead of a long list of impractical resolutions this year, I decided I will keep only one resolution this time:
But I brought a small change in me.  I am trying to make things around me a little more colorful.  A little more bright, a little happier.  Instead of the plain and simple calendar that I have been making since the last 5 years, I am now adding some color to it:

Alok had searched and selected an apartment, and unpacked all the cartons on his own in my absence.  So it was a new-apartment-in-a-new-city for me.  I made furniture shopping lists, to-do lists, grocery shopping lists:
But he lived like a bachelor in my absence, so I had to organize the whole apartment and clean each and every thing around because of all the dust piled up.  This is the kitchen I was welcomed to upon my arrival, so you can imagine the rest:
But you know what is killing me more?
Can someone explain why this spray can be installed on the KITCHEN SINK but not in the BATHROOM?  I still hate the bloody toilet paper, and every time I see this spray in the kitchen, it reminds me of my misery.

However, this new year what I really want to remind myself and you all is to be positive and be happy, no matter what.  Count your blessings:
Let us feel fortunate with what God has blessed us with.  And let us do something for the less fortunate ones.  This new year, I hope to become a better person and wish you a successful one.

Happy new year,

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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  1. Hi! nice to see you back. You welcome home present was a bit too much :) Maybe next time you will think again when you go visiting :) with out hubby:) .This is my interpretation maybe wrong.

    1. oh yeah, after this, i'm definitely not leaving him behind on his own ever again.
      thanks, archana.

  2. Welcome back, happy new year.House looks like it supposed to me, you can't expect more than this from men.

  3. welcome back and have a great 2013 !

  4. Welcome back! OMG, if I came home to that kitchen, I would have screamed. I love the toilet paper. :-) Hope you took some great pictures and will be sharing them.

  5. he he..I am liking the spray tap on the kitchen sink btw. Washing greens and herbs will be easy :-)
    Wishing you a happy year ahead's not too late still :-)

    1. this is called "dukhti nas pe haath rakhna"... he he;-)
      wish you a great one ahead too!


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