how to remove sticker labels from stainless steel utensils

Sticker labels on stainless steel utensils look bad when you serve in them. And peeling them by hand is not only annoying, but it also leaves sticky stuff as well as a mark behind.  Here's an easy way I learned from my mother-in-law how to remove the sticker labels from stainless steel utensils.

Keep a tong and a pincer ready.
Heat the utensil from the opposite side of the sticker.  Keep the heat on medium.  For example, here the sticker on the plate below is at the top, so I will heat it from its opposite side.  In about 10-15 seconds, once you test the sticker is beginning to scrape easily, pull it out in a snap.
how to remove sticker from steel utensils
There.  Much faster than scraping by fingers and soaking in water.  And no stickiness, no mark, no mess.

If you don't have tongs you can also use tweezers from your beauty kit. And if you don't have pincers, you can use a cloth instead.  Since the utensil turns kinda hot, you only need the pincers or cloth to hold it so your fingers don't burn.

Don't try it on plastic because it will melt over the heat.  And I don't think it would work on glass items.  Soaking in hot water and scraping with a blunt knife is usually enough to remove the sticker labels from glassware.  But for stainless steel, this tip works on a gas burner over the flame or an electric/coil stove-top like this one too.

Watch the video real quick to see this tip in action.  This is my FIRST how-to video!


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  1. My mom shared the same tips too, forutnately this really works Wonder.

  2. My mom too do this. Great tip for who doesn't know

  3. One more tip to remove the stain and the sticker is applying oil. Apply oil(tried with coconut oil only since it is easily available here in Kerala) on the sticker/glue stain..wait for few mins , wipe it wit cloth :)


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