Poetry: i want

I write poems when I go through extreme happy moments, unusual imaginations, or intense emotional outbursts, and can't think of any other way except words to give them freedom.

This time, I wrote a poem after almost a two year hiatus.  Penned few months back, I just went through it again today and thought of sharing here.  I'm finally planning a trip to visit my family after a long time, and the emotional girl in me is appearing again.

Very strongly attached to my family, I still haven't got used to living without them; even after one year of marriage.  Technology helps to connect, but does not do justice to what we sometimes really want.  And here's how I'm expressing what I want.

i want

I want to hug my brother
Ask him about his day,
Tell him about mine
And put my stress away.

I want to hug my grandpa
See if he’s doing fine and all,
Tell him I really care for him
And ask if I’m still his doll.

I want to hug my grandma
And younger uncle, both now decease,
Tell them I miss them so much
And hope they’re resting in peace.

I want to hug my elder uncles
And my aunts, both my friend,
Tell them I feel so lonely here
And being happy I can’t pretend.

I want to hug my baby sisters
Talk, dance, sing, and have fun,
Tell them I want their childhood back
And play coz here I have no one.

I want to hug my mother
Take a nap on her lap,
Tell her I want to come home
And patch up this long gap.

I want to hug my father
What I never did before,
Tell him I don’t want to leave
And wish I could stay more.

- Nisha
18th March 2012
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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  1. Nice one Nisha..I liked it very much..

  2. Beautiful and touching.

  3. Beautiful....you are like a SLR camera....which can give out put the way you imagine the picture

    1. oh my. this is like the best compliment i've ever received! thanks :)

  4. I've tears in my eyes... Beautiful and very touching...

  5. Very nice and beautiful poem.

  6. very nice Nisha. I especially loved the last 2 paras. didn't know you were sucha poet.

  7. Thanks everyone. I understood the importance of family after going away from the family. I hope the other kids of my generation and the future will not take this long. Thanks again for your comments :)

  8. hi nisha di!! just ging thru your web site!!
    it would be good for you to know that even i'm in for the web designing course!!
    for an example i was showing your web site to my teacher..and guess what he loved it..and now on...he said he'll be using your web site as an example for each and every student that passes on by him!!
    love you!


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