Poetry: i want

I write poems when I go through extreme happy moments, unusual imaginations, or intense emotional outbursts, and can't think of any other way except words to give them freedom.

This time, I wrote a poem after almost a two year hiatus.  Penned few months back, I just went through it again today and thought of sharing here.  I'm finally planning a trip to visit my family after a long time, and the emotional girl in me is appearing again.

Very strongly attached to my family, I still haven't got used to living without them; even after one year of marriage.  Technology helps to connect, but does not do justice to what we sometimes really want.  And here's how I'm expressing what I want.

i want

I want to hug my brother
Ask him about his day,
Tell him about mine
And put my stress away.

I want to hug my grandpa
See if he’s doing fine and all,
Tell him I really care for him
And ask if I’m still his doll.

I want to hug my grandma
And younger uncle, both now decease,
Tell them I miss them so much
And hope they’re resting in peace.

I want to hug my elder uncles
And my aunts, both my friend,
Tell them I feel so lonely here
And being happy I can’t pretend.

I want to hug my baby sisters
Talk, dance, sing, and have fun,
Tell them I want their childhood back
And play coz here I have no one.

I want to hug my mother
Take a nap on her lap,
Tell her I want to come home
And patch up this long gap.

I want to hug my father
What I never did before,
Tell him I don’t want to leave
And wish I could stay more.

- Nisha
18th March 2012
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