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poetry: my little bro

Earlier this month my brother celebrated his birthday back home and I missed him. I missed him more when I counted how old he turned and how far he has come. And then I started to think he'll get married in a couple of years and life will change when his wife will become his priority. And then, I tried to pen down my feelings and wrote a poem after a long, long time.

Poetry: i want

I write poems when I go through extreme happy moments, unusual imaginations, or intense emotional outbursts, and can't think of any other way except words to give them freedom.

This time, I wrote a poem after almost a two year hiatus.  Penned few months back, I just went through it again today and thought of sharing here.  I'm finally planning a trip to visit my family after a long time, and the emotional girl in me is appearing again.

Very strongly attached to my family, I still haven't got used to living without them; even after one year of marriage.  Technology helps to connect, but does not do justice to what we sometimes really want.  And here's how I'm expressing what I want.

Poetry: Mom - Happy Mother's Day!

I found a long-lost poem I had written some 11 years ago.  Poetry was a new-found interest at that time, so looking back at it now I feel the writing was quite amateurish (may be still is, ha!).  I think I had written this one for my mom's birthday, not sure.  I will have to ask her if she still has it.  For all I know, she has treasured my dad's love letters written 28 years back - so she'd better save the love I've expressed to her too, hehe.  [This was intentional; she reads my blog ;)]   

And since it is Mother's Day today 13th May 2012, here I'm sharing this poem wishing all the wonderful moms a Happy Mother's Day and saluting their unconditional love.

Poetry: My Hubby & I

Looks like my collection consisted of mostly sad, negative, painful, depressing poems. So it surprised me to see the ONLY positive one from my collection. Although 2001 was a bit too early for me to imagine such stuff, I guess I'd been the romantic types, so here's my little silly imaginative story in rhyming format :-)

Poetry: Excuse Me?

Here's another one I found from year 2001 :-)

I wrote this short silly piece during those years when I was rebellious like the youngsters at that age and didn't like anything that didn't happen according to my will.

Poetry: Ah, Love!

I'm not sure if the meaning in this poem is clear, but here's another one I wrote 8 years ago.
Looking back at it now, I feel like such a nutcase, haha.

Poetry: Teardrops in this Rain

Was feeling really low one day ... and then wrote this when I couldn't hold the feelings inside anymore...

Teardrops in this Rain...

I see the rain falling down as I fall down on my knee,
And I wonder if just now God cried along with me.
‘Coz I know it hurts Him if His children are in pain;
And I wonder if He is expressing by teardrops in this rain.

Tell me what you want God, tell me about your plans,
I’ll try my best to change myself, just give me one more chance.
Tell me God if my prayers are reaching you or are in vain;
‘Coz I am sending you my apologies through teardrops in this rain.

I’m sorry for everything God, I request you to forgive me,
Don’t test me more, not any more; I’m already lost in this sea.
I’ve been feeling so suffocated I don’t know if I’m still sane;
‘Coz I’m sitting here and talking to my teardrops in this rain.

I see the clear sky God and wonder when you’ll do that to my soul,
Bring out the best in me God and tell me what should be my goal.
You know all the thoughts running in my mind, my heart, and my brain;
You know the wound, the reason, and the cure for teardrops in this rain.

I’ll keep my word, I’ll prove myself, I’ll forever be sincere,
All you have to do is promise me God that you’ll always be near.
I am searching for you God from behind my window pane;
‘Coz I don’t know if you’re able to see my teardrops in this rain . . .

~ 1st September 2009
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Poetry: Me, Myself and I

I dug through my mess and found one of the poems I had written back in 2003.
There comes a time in our life when we talk to ourselves - that's what I do here.
Just thought of sharing...although I'm not sure how much the poem makes sense  :-)
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