Recipe: Shrikhand (Indian Sweet Dish) | Greek Yogurt Dessert Idea

I cannot believe how easy it is to make Shrikhand and how long it took me to actually realize this!!!!!  If you are looking for a no cook, no bake, no gelatin, no agar agar, extremely simple, super easy, delicious and flavorful eggless dessert - then this Indian sweet dish called Shrikhand is your answer.

spusht | easy dessert recipe | indian sweet dish shrikhand
Shrikhand Recipe
yields 1 cup, serves 4

3 cups Yogurt/curd homemade/store bought, OR better: 1 cup Greek Yogurt
~1/3 cup powdered sugar
Few strands (about 1/8 tsp) saffron
One pinch (about 1/8 tsp) cardamom powder
1 Tbsp sliced almonds
1 Tbsp sliced pistachios

Let’s Begin!
1.  If you are using regular curd/yogurt, then hang the curd in a muslin cloth / cheesecloth / cotton handkerchief for 4-5 hours until all the liquid drips out (resist the urge to squeeze it out yourself).  About 1 and 1/2 cup of whey should drain out of the 3 cup yogurt, making it about 1 cup of thick strained yogurt.  Or you can use Greek Yogurt directly.
2.  Empty the thick yogurt into a bowl and whisk well with powdered sugar for 5 minutes until it gets creamy, then add saffron + cardamom powder and whisk again until mixed well.
3.  Fold in the almonds and pistachios.  Refrigerate for 3-4 hours, garnish with some more nuts if preferred and serve chilled.  You MUST, MUST, MUST refrigerate Shrikhand for minimum 3 hours for the flavor of cardamom and color from saffron to blend in well and serve the creamy, velvety Shrikhand chilled.  Serving a 'warm' shrikhand?  NEVER!

spusht | shrikand | sweet greek yogurt dessert idea

Some people eat Srikhand as a dessert, some eat it with kadhai ki puri (especially in Maharashtra), just as how Aamras can be eaten on its own as a dessert or have Aamras and Kadhai ki Poori together.  All the ingredients to make Shrikhand at home are absolutely flexible, so you can suit them to your taste and it is totally up to you what you want to include and how much of it.  If you want a darker golden yellow, add a few more saffron strands.  If you like it sweeter, add a little more sugar and taste as you go.  If you want a more pronounced flavor of cardamom, sprinkle some more cardamom powder.  A fan of nuts like I am?  Feel free to add more pistachio and almond.

spusht | shrikand recipe | strained yogurt + sugar + saffron + cardamom + nuts

Make Ahead Dessert and Party Tip: If you want to make Shrikhand for a party or a pot luck a day beforehand: refrigerate Shrikhand for a day, mix it up well again the next day.  Then scoop the creamy Shrikhand into small dixie cups, and sprinkle some more slivered pistachios and almonds on top (for a better presentation).  Place all the cups on a tray (or even a baking sheet), cover the whole thing up with a plastic wrap, and keep it refrigerated until ready to serve.  You can make this beautiful homemade shrikhand even 2-3 days beforehand.  Another method - scoop the Shrikhand into a ziploc or plastic bag, snip the ends, and create swirls into your serving bowls to keep it neat and pretty.

spusht | scoop shrikhand into ziploc bag, pipe it neatly into individual serving bowls

     *  You may soak few saffron strands in 1-2 Tbsp warm milk & then add it to the mixture for better diffusing of its color.  Anyway the saffron releases more color while Shrikhand sits in the fridge to chill.
     *  The longer you let the curd hang, the thicker it will get (plus refrigerating it after its liquid seeps out makes it firmer) – which is all good because after whisking it will be a nice and velvety Shrikhand!
     *  Do not leave the curd hanging overnight at room temperature, otherwise curd will begin to get sour and you will get a slightly tangy taste in your Shrikhand.  If you have to let the yogurt drain overnight, place your yogurt in the cheesecloth over a colander, balance the colander over an empty bowl and place in the refrigerator. This way, the whey drains overnight through the colander and your Shrikhand will not turn sour while in the refrigerator.

spusht | using greek yogurt or hung curd, make creamy shrikhand at home

Shrikhand is one of those easy desserts that can be made quick, require less effort, and only need more of the refrigerator time while you do other important things in life.

spusht | easy dessert | shrikhand recipe

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