Coupons: Grocery, Kitchen Items & Household Products - Part 1

In an earlier post (Save Your Money – Use Coupons!) I mentioned 5 ways to save & shared the already-popular-yet-ignored links  :-)  Well, beside the Sunday newspapers, as time passed, I made a list of some brands / products / websites that provide printing coupons online.   I found it impossible to match the amazing 'extreme couponing' videos where they pay just few dollars for some $200 of shopping!  So I collect & clip coupons in ways that anyone else can also do without wasting much time.  Here I'm listing out simple ways to find/search/get coupons along with some direct links to help you add up your savings  :-)

Although there are no coupons whatsoever for fruit & vegetable shopping [I wish there were; these actually takes up a big chunk of the budget!] - but with coupons for several other regular household products (example: soap, spray cleaners, and dishwashing detergent) + for regular kitchen items (example: trash bags, storage containers, and aluminum foil) + for regular grocery (example: cooking oil, sugar, and sauce) + for regular snack & beverage products (example: soup, ice cream, and juice) - imagine how much hard-earned money you can save!  :-)

Before moving further, please remember the following:

  • Coupons from some sites can be printed directly, whereas some require installing software (which is usually a one-time thing unless you remove it).  The ones with software know your IP & don't let you print more than 2 coupons per month!

  • The promotions & offers on websites change regularly (at least once in a month, so the offer you see this month is not necessarily going to be there next month; it could be something else) & can't be used after the expiration dates.  For most of the products, unless it's written right there, you can see the coupon's expiration date only after printing it (or at the Print Preview, if you have it enabled).
  • Some sites have direct links to coupons, some need you to fill up info real quick to get coupon, whereas some require signing in (free registration but would need your US residence address & contact number; on some sites to register you must be 13 years of age or older).  You can create/use other e-mail address than your primary if you don't want it flooded with 100 mails a week  :-)
  • Sites that you register to may send you e-mails with special offers & promotions (or with such option).  Some sites have sweepstakes tab/link/option if you’d like to participate.
  • Check the website’s conditions – some offers might be good only in some states in US…
  • Important Note:  I will be updating, modifying, and adding to the list as I come across any changes and/or new links.  So if you’re interested, you may come again and check back once every few weeks!

So here's my database, along with my remarks in the brackets ...

1.     Campbell soups, juices, and other products

2.     Colgate toothpaste, toothbrush, etc *

3.     Ronzoni pasta

4.     Nestle Toll House or Carnation brands *

5.     Imperial white/brown sugar in pouches, boxes and bags

6.     Land O’Lakes butter, margarine, eggs, spread, etc *

7.     Rubbermaid food containers

8.     Blue Bell ice cream *

9.     Classico pasta/pesto/pizza sauce, etc *

10.   Betty Crocker baking mixes, cereals, snacks, and more *

11.    Ovaltine powdered chocolate/malt milk-flavoring

12.    Silk soy milk [#12 & #13 use the same id & password]

13.    Silk PureAlmond soy milk [#12 & #13 use the same id & password]

14.    Aquafresh toothpaste, toothbrush, etc *

15.    Bodycology hand soap

16.    Smart Balance butter, oil, eggs, etc *

17.    Reynolds aluminum foil, parchment/lining paper
18.   Mueller’s pasta *

  … to be continued … Update (25 Oct 2011): more links, more products, another list added here: Coupons: Grocery, Kitchen Items & Household Products - Part 2

* denotes it requires registration/user id/signing up for newsletter to access coupons.  Make note somewhere of the e-mail address/user id/password that you have registered on the different sites with; I couldn’t keep track of mine unless I wrote all of them down on one sheet!

Hope this post & the links were worth your time  :-)  Would like to hear what you have to say, leave a comment if you wish to!

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Disclaimer:  The author of this blog is not paid to promote these websites / companies / products / brands / links and takes no responsibility for any change in promotions/offers by individual websites / brands.  This list is solely created to share the database that the author created to help people save and holds no other intention.

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