Fort Worth Stockyards

Fort Worth Stockyards is a national historic district and the area has many shops, restaurants, night clubs, rodeos, stock shows, historical landmarks and events.  Here are just few of the photos I clicked out of the 4-hours of walking around the place!

Fort Worth Stockyards
A candy store with hundreds of varieties, shapes, sizes, colors & flavors of candies!
Cattlemen's Steak House 
Fincher's White Front Western Store
Fort Worth Herd - they have a show at certain timings & this shows the formation of the herd...
Horse & carriage like the old times!
Inside a souvenir store ... (oops, I see a spelling mistake!)
Painting outside a shop
Rios Interiors had all antique sorta furnitures
The cowboy boots that Texas is so famous for!
The Spice & Tea Exchange store that had products from around the world; real good!
For a certain price you can take the train ride from Fort Worth to Grapevine & back.
Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame
Carriage (Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame)
Four Seat Bob Sleigh (Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame)
Photo Parlor where you can dress up as earlier Texans & get professional photos (Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame)
As the Texans say, "Y'all Come Back!"

Fort Worth Stockyards is probably one of the few places around that gives you the real feel of Texas, taking you back to the time when you watched movies of cowboys with boots, hats, guns, horses and beers, and expected the same in the whole of Texas!  This is a must-visit.  We have decided that if any of our family or friends come to visit us here in Dallas, we will definitely take them to Fort Worth Stockyards one time.

Reserve half of your day to plan a trip here!  Y'all gotta come back! :D
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