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Past 2 months since we had reduced our grocery trips, I had to stock up on extra packets of my preferred foods, dry staples, and snacks that could last well.  Chana Choor, for instance.

After having Bhel Puri a few days back (puffed rice lasts long and I had the murmura packet since a few months already), and after having Pani Puri the day before (again, the boxes of puffed semolina puris last me a month or two), today it is "Chana Jor Garam" for my snack.

chana jor garam indian street snack

Yay for some processed foods like these that last long, yay for these delicious crisp Mo'plleez Chana Choor, yay for buy 1 get 1 free offers. 😜😆

chana choor indian chickpea snack

Chana Choor are chickpeas that are soaked, dried, flattened, fried, and spiced.  Good snack on its own, even better when made into Chana Jor Garam.  If you grew up in India, you might rememeber the vendors who walked with their makeshift table and all the ingredients to set up their stall wherever someone stopped by to buy some Chana Zor Garam.  They would mix the warm chana choor (chapta chana, as we called) with some chopped onion, chopped tomatoes, chopped green chilies, chopped cilantro, add their spice mixture, squeeze lemon juice, and serve it in a paper cone made out of pieces of newspaper.

For the spice mixture I simply add salt + red chili powder + cumin seed powder + chat masala. And the ingredients are up to individual tastes, there's no set recipe.  You can always build on this and add some black salt, and mint leaves, and/or fine sev, and/or roasted peanuts, anything else to it.  I think Chana Jor Garam recipe is absolutely flexible and delicious nevertheless.

chana jor garam recipe

This savory, spicy, tangy, crunchy, and simple Chana Jor Garam revives memories of my childhood spent in a small town in India, all the way back to 1995.



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