Aate ka Sattu Recipe | Marwari Badi Teej Festival

Sattu is a sweet that's spread and set in a plate specially for the Marwari Badi Teej festival, but it's a sweet that you can make anytime of the year in the form of laddoo or barfi.  I had mentioned in an earlier post that Sattu for Teej can be made from roasted gram dal (phutani dal aka dalia: phutani dal ka sattu), rice flour (chawal ka aata), chickpea flour (besan), and whole wheat flour (gehun ka aata).  This post shows you real quick how to make a simple whole wheat flour sattu (aate ka saatu).

Three ingredients are all you need!

Aate ka Sattu Recipe
2 cups whole wheat flour (aata)
¾ cup clarified butter (ghee)
¾ cup powdered sugar

Dry roast the flour in a pan on medium heat until light brown.  Stir constantly so you don't get scorched portions of flour.  Turn the flame to low towards the end, add the clarified butter and stir continuously so it doesn't turn into bitter dark brown whole wheat flour.  Mix it well then switch off the heat, let it come to room temperature, then add powdered sugar and rub it in.  You don't want to mix powdered sugar when the pan or the flour is hot otherwise the sugar will melt and caramelize and create unnecessary water content and stickiness.  Once you get a nice shiny soft pliable dough, spread it in you plate and once it cools down completely it will lose the shine and you can decorate your Aate ka Sattu for Teej as you want.

I made a quick and simple clock on the aate ka sattu (the clock hands were made from sliced almonds with a clove in the center!).  You can see more Sattu decoration ideas here.

And you know what?  Aate ka Sattu is basically aate ka laddoo.  Exactly the same thing.  Similarly, besan ka sattu is... you guessed it right - besan ka laddoo!

Now make it anytime of the year.
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