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It had been a while since I made some things to nosh on. Summer in California means lots of outdoor activities and travels. That means lots of dry snacks to carry for road trips or flights.  So when couple of months back Alok told me we'd be going on a 3-day trip to Portland, I happily made some... masala mathri, namak paare (salted crackers)shakkar paara (sweet crackers)honey glazed almonds, and salted and spiced nuts.

Without following a particular measurement for making sesame honey glazed almonds or salted and spiced nuts, here's a basic idea - 

Honey Glazed Almonds
1) Many people roast almonds in an oven but I don't like to switch on my big oven just for a handful or two of almonds so I dry roast them in a pan over stove on medium heat.  When they're almost done add sesame seeds to roast along.  Sesame seeds obviously cook faster than almonds so you want to add only toward the end so they don't scorch.
2) In a small bowl mix a few drops of warm water with some honey and stir so it liquefies.  You wouldn't want to add too much water otherwise the almonds will lose their roasted crispness.  If you like your almonds sweeter add some brown sugar too.  Add a pinch of salt to the honey mixture and pour on the pan and mix it all well over low heat until almonds are glazed well with honey, coated well with sesame seeds.
3) I believe the entire process should take no more than 15 minutes.  Spread mixture on a parchment paper and let it cool down.  Your sesame and honey glazed almonds are ready.  

Salted and Spiced Nuts
1) Roast your choice of nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, etc) in a pan on medium heat, stir constantly so they don't scorch.  You want to roast until they start to look golden-brown and well-toasted so that they maintain their crispness for many weeks.
2) Add just a few drops of oil in the pan and mix the nuts for them to get lightly coated.  Add salt and black pepper powder to taste and continue mixing and roasting for a minute until salt and pepper distributes well.
3) I believe the entire process should take no more than 10 minutes.  Your salted and spiced nuts are ready.  Allow the nuts to cool down completely before storing in a container or dividing in ziploc bags to carry along with you whether to school, college, work, or travel. 

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