failed attempt: blueberry tart - what to do?

Instead of something red on Valentine's, I thought of going blue.  Tried making blueberry tart for the first time.  But after eating just half of one tart, we stopped.  The crust did not taste right, may be I did not bake it well.  And the blueberry topping made at home did not set well, may be because I was stingy in adding cornstarch.  So, the truth is, my dessert for valentine's dinner sucked.

But what do I do with the failed blueberry tart now?
Spusht | Blueberry Tart did not turn out right?  No problem, here's a solution.
Blueberry Tart did not turn out right?  No problem, here's a solution.
Instead of struggling to finish eating it the next day, this is what I did in the morning: I put some homemade curd in the blender cup, scooped out the blueberry topping from the tart, added a pinch of sugar (keeping in mind the sweetness of blueberry topping), some plain water, two cubes of ice, put the blender blade on, blended for 15 seconds.
Spusht | Blueberry Lassi work in progress
Blueberry Lassi work in progress
And we started our morning with a vibrant colored Blueberry Lassi.  It was this simple to...
     1) make a lassi - and making lassi with anything is really as easy as 1-2-3,
     2) use the blueberry topping from the tart instead of throwing it all away,
     3) transform a dessert into a breakfast idea.
Some people would put milk in a lassi, but to me - milk is for milkshake and yogurt is for lassi.
Spusht | Simple and quick Blueberry Lassi
Blueberry Lassi - simple and quick
Had I not put lemon juice and lemon zest in the blueberry topping, may be I could have made Blueberry Milkshake with it.  Anyhow, we enjoyed this Blueberry Lassi made from Blueberry Tart Topping.

Shhhh.  No one needs to know.
Spusht | Blueberry Lassi made from Blueberry Topping of a Tart
Blueberry Lassi made from Blueberry Topping of a Tart

 Your challenge: What would you have done?
                                         Tell me one dish you (almost?) screwed up and how (if?) you fixed it.
                                         [If you are not commenting related to these questions - DON'T COMMENT AT ALL.]  
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  1. i am always surprised with the quick solutions you come up with :).. i would be just sulking i guess!

  2. I tried making chocolate tart a while ago, it was not the best. I am not as creative Nisha honestly, I would have trashed it but now I know how to incorporate into something else :)

  3. slightly cook blueberries with sugar and cornstarch and then add it to tart shell.

  4. great idea I must try a blueberry lassi

  5. I honestly would have just eaten it!

    7% Solution​

  6. Blueberry anything, mmm! I would've just scooped out the blueberry filling and ate it alone (if the crust was that bad). Blueberries are my all-time favourite fruit. I love mango lassi on hot days but it's now fall and soon winter will be here - endless cold rains as I live in Pacific NW (near Vancouver Canada) - so prefer hot tea instead. I mix frozen blueberries thawed, with homemade yogurt and protein powder for quick breakfast/lunch though.

    Nisha, rather than cornstarch to thicken pie fillings, why not try tapioca flour? Works much better in my opinion. I buy mine at a Vietnamese grocer that carries all kinds of Asian foods, fruits and vegetables. I've found that orange zest and juice from both oranges and lemons goes very well with blueberries. A pinch of cinnamon added too is wonderful!

    My flop? Two actually. I always bake my own bread but one time the dough wouldn't rise - old yeast maybe. I thought I could bake it and slice very thin to dry as biscuits. Nope! Turned out almost as hard as rocks and could probably be used to hammer nails. ;) The other flop was a lemon pie - much like your blueberry tart. It was more like a pudding and pie crust underneath was soft and soggy. We ate the crispy flaky part of the crust and scooped out filling to put on top. Though a flop, it still tasted delicious!



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